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For a moment, Adrian only stares at Cassidy - with him looking dumbfounded, and her smiling a little too brightly.

He blushes a bit at the realization that she really is trying to flirt with him. That's until she roars with laughter all of the sudden. Thrown off guard, he can only raise his brows and watch her flip over laughing.

"I'm joking, I'm joking! As if I'll ever be distracted by something like that! I'm gorgeous myself!" she teased and guffawed like there was no tomorrow, amused by her own quip.

"Well, you may not be distracted by my beauty..." he retorted before smirking out of nowhere, not at all offended.

"I certainly am distracted by yours. Indeed, you're very gorgeous."

That's when she drains out all the laughter at once, coming to a still for a second.

Satisfied with the sudden silence, Adrian can't help but smirk wider. Cassidy keeps quiet from that point on, finding it hard to believe that her feigned pleasantry has backfired. She waited for him to take it back and say he was only kidding around, but that did not happen.

Instead, he only continues staring at her with that luscious and ravishing look.

"E-Enough with the jokes! Let's get to where the kids are!" she then exclaimed before turning around and resuming the walk.

Shoving his hands in his pockets, Adrian breezily trails after Cassidy from behind. He is still smiling even then while observing her in silence. With her drawing her distance like this, he can't tell if she's embarrassed or displeased by what he said.

'Perhaps, that's a bit too much?' he thought to himself and sighed a little.

Starting from that moment on, Adrian restrained himself from trying to flatter Cassidy for the rest of that day.


"Oh, what do you know~? Things are actually going great~!"

Irish stood under a tent from a distance, spectating the ongoing game at the field.

She got a special reservation from the head of the resort where the school event was being held. That allowed her to be part of the audience - along with an undesired companion who also happened to share a connection with the owner of the establishment.

Unlike Irish, Asher appears to be not seeing the present happenings as anywhere near great.

"Shade probably made those little Shades invite Cassie or something..." he muttered to himself, scowling all grumpily.

"What an insufferable dude."

"Ummm... Must we share the same tent, though?" she chimed in a complaint, not catching on what he said.

"Bear with it as I am bearing with you."

"What is it really that you wanna do here?"

"Nothing you should concern yourself with."

Irish chooses to settle with a huff at this, thinking that it is a waste of time to try to hold a proper conversation with Asher. It's a good thing that what they're watching at that moment is more than enough to avenge her, though. She does not need to exasperate him like he does to her -

Her brother can do all the w

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