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Before Cassidy had a chance to say anything, Adrian took his things and prepared to leave.

Once he was finished putting on his leather jacket, he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of his office. She only smiled at him that whole time, loving the feeling of their fingers intertwined together.

They step out of the building to feel the cold evening air. A sea of stars light up the night sky along with the coruscant pool of moonlight. The streets are silent, and the city is still. It's an ideal scenery for some nighttime escapade.

Adrian was looking around as he followed Cassidy to her motorcycle - she suggested that they use that instead of his car.

She handed him a spare helmet to which he smiled in return. This wouldn't be the first time he would get on her motorcycle. The only difference this time was that they would ride it together as a reconciled couple.

"By the way, I love your new fashion style," Cassidy commented as she climbed on the vehicle.

He grinned at that and settled down behind her without any hesitation. After he took his seat on the back, he wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned closer. Having her this near makes him sigh with bliss - he hopes that they can always stay like this from this point on.

"Do I still look neat and tidy?" Adrian whispered in her ear, smirking playfully.

"Even if you do, I still find you cool," Cassidy quipped with a small giggle.

"And attractive?"

"And attractive. Yes."

He can't help but grin even wider at her compliment. Flattered, he then embraces her tighter and kisses her on the cheek, which makes her giggle once more. Knowing that she still sees him that way despite not being her type of guy is actually better than meeting her standards in men.

"So, then... Where is it you wanna go to?" she asked as she turned on the engine of her motorcycle.

"To be honest, I don't really know. I just want to be with you for a while longer," he said and chuckled.

"You can be such a rascal sometimes, you know."

"Well, since it's my birthday, can I ask you to take me to your favorite place in the city?"

"My favorite place?"


"Oh, alright. Hold on tight, then. That's gonna be a long ride."

With that, Cassidy started to drive while Adrian leaned against her back without dropping his smile.

Everything feels so perfect. Everything feels so right. He wonders if eveything is only a dream. He wonders if he will wake up at any moment.

'Even then, I want to enjoy this for a little bit longer. I want to remember every detail, and I want to make the moment last,' he thought while looking so helplessly in love.

They drove in silence for half an hour or so, heading downtown.

Adrian, still holding on to Cassidy tightly, kept looking around and beholding the scintillating lights that gave life to the evening scenery. Though it's a common sight for him, he finds the world more beautiful when he's with the woman he loves.


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