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At that moment, Irish is too thunderstruck to retort.

She would not be able to forget that smug demeanor, those handsome features, and his insufferable presence as a whole. Even when two years already passed, she did not get rid of her first impression of him. In the present, it seems like nothing much has changed about him.

Asher is still as overweening as ever.

"What could Her Highness be doing at such a place? I thought you do your shopping at a mall or something - not a local grocery," he quipped with a smirk, much to her annoyance.

"Why? Am I not allowed to shop here? Do you own this place?" she spat at him while she crossed her arms and raised a brow.

"I'm only expressing my opinion. I'm just... shocked, I guess?"

"And I'm also shocked that you actually help people. Who would've thought that you could be such a gentleman? Thanks for reaching that for me."

As Irish expressed her gratitude with a bit of sarcasm, Asher could not help but smirk wider.

He really had not seen this encounter coming. When he entered that place, he only thought of buying some snacks on his way to where Cassidy and Aira were going - he was planning to pay a little visit and give them a small surprise. What he didn't know was that someone else would be taking him aback as well.

"So, I heard you're no longer in the entertainment industry. Quite a scandal you've got there..." Asher brought up all of the sudden, provoking and affronting Irish on purpose.

"Considering that you had been missing in action for some time, was it only a given that anyone would be shocked to see you here of all places?"

She fell silent and went still at his remark, which he did not expect.

As far as he recalls, she is one to retaliate and return the compliment. She is feisty yet childish enough to put up a fight in a nonsensical banter. However, for some reason, she is now acting kind of meek and reserved. She even appears mortified.

Even then, he would not take back what he said. It did not matter if he did offend her more than he intended to. He would never forget what she did to Cassidy in the past - nor would he ever show her mercy.

"I get it, I get it. I know you don't want to see me here or anywhere else for that matter..." Irish muttered with a sigh before turning around and taking her leave - deciding to retreat instead of striking back.

"Goodbye, then."

"How boring," Asher snorted, still not satisfied.

That's when both of them hear her cellphone ringing all of the sudden - someone's calling.

Without thinking much, she pulls it out of her purse and answers the call. Right then, he decided to turn in the opposite direction and leave her alone, not really up to doing some eavesdropping. That's until he overheard their conversation, helping him recognize the caller at the other end of the line.

He halted on his tracks almost immediately.

"Where are you now, little bro? I'll go there and meet you guys..." Iri

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