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"Hear ye, hear ye~!"

A silver utensil is being tapped repeatedly on the surface of a glass goblet. And the clanging sound reverberates all around the cabin, gradually appeasing the little commotion.

"This is your Captain Joshua speaking...!" Joshua introduced himself with a grin before placing the items back on the table, a look of contentment splattered across his expression.

"We have gathered here today to celebrate and congratulate every one of you for all the efforts and dedication that you have done on this fleet! That despite those tragic years of patience and frustrations, we can safely assume that our sacrifices were paid off! That everything was worth the wait because our vessel, the S.S. Cassian, would finally be sailing again!"

"Cassian?" Hugo blurted out and tilted his head quizzically.

"It's Cass for Cassidy, and Ian for Adrian, bro."

"Oh! I see!"

He beamed at the realization while their other two companions only grunted beside him.

The four of them decided to stay in their cabin after eating lunch together. The adults are still out there somewhere, and in their absence, the children have come up with the idea of holding this discussion.

"Like any other newly emerged ships, the S.S. Cassian doesn't have a base yet. It also doesn't have a mission or a plan to explore other territories. It is a vessel that sails in no direction..." Joshua continued on with his theatrical opening remark.

"As one of its loyal crew members as well as the pioneer of this fleet, it is my life mission to set our beloved ship to still waters - averting it from horrendous storms and icebergs that might destroy and sink it like the infamous Titanic!"

"I don't want Aunty and Uncle Bossman to end up like Rose and Jack..." Hugo sniffled.

"I don't want their love story to become a tragedy."

"You've heard Ensign Hugo, mates! The time has come for the tides to be turned! We pledge to the flagship of S.S. Cassian that we will protect their purity for the world - by hook or by crook. That's why we declared this operation as SOS. Also known as operation Save Our Sanity!"

Thunderous claps roared with enthusiasm, which were all coming from Hugo and Aira. On the other hand, Damien remained awkwardly silent on his seat, though he could not help but grin in amusement the whole time.

"Admiral Damien, the floor is yours now," Joshua said for the last time before stepping aside for the next speaker to take the spotlight.

"Years ago, a certain species named Adrian Millicent came to the world brimming with icy-cold confidence and smiles that were of rare jewels. His sainthood was misunderstood by many at first..." Damien started and stood, deciding to play along.

"And one of them went by the name of Cassidy Eleanor who first fell head-over-heels for him until she began throwing spitballs of fire to mankind two years ago. That was when the table was turned, and things were reversed! And that's how the Cassidy Cu

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