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For what almost felt like an eternity, Cassidy waited in front of Adrian's office like what Charles told her to.

He left a moment ago, having already informed her husband about her arrival. She did not expect that he would notice her earlier in the lobby, but she was glad that he did. He himself looked glad upon seeing her there, though he tried not to ask her too much about her purpose for coming.

"I'm guessing that you're here to see the President? You came at the right time, Ma'am. We're just about to go home..." was what Charles said to Cassidy at that time.

"You two might need some time alone, I assume."

Cassidy was still recalling her conversation with Charles when she heard a faint sound of footsteps approaching her, which made her heart pick up pace and thump loudly in her chest.

As soon as the door opened, she immediately found herself staring into a pair of deep blue irises - so mesmerizingly beautiful that she felt like getting lost in them. Her whole face flushed a bright shade of red when she saw her husband's astonished reaction up close. She only had but a second to look down and hide her blush.

"Cassidy..." Adrian said in awe and disbelief.

"What are you doing here?"

Suddenly not knowing what to say, Cassidy let the silence fill in for her. She could feel her hands quivering a little as she continued to shy away and act somewhat timid. She couldn't believe that she was being like this even at the last minute. This is all his fault, though - he is making her feel all the emotions she really tried hard to forget.

"Ummm... Hey, Adrian. I'm sorry to bother you like this, but..." she started then hesitated and looked around.

"Can I come in? It's kind of cold out here."

Cassidy had no idea what she was doing - she was nowhere near cold at all, especially since she kept burning up the whole time.

Surprisingly, Adrian only nodded before he let her enter his office. Once inside, she tried to gather her composure by taking a deep breath. She never thought that this would be so difficult, and considering that she wasn't really good with words at times, she doubted that she would be able to say everything clearly.

"Cassidy, what are you doing here?" Adrian asked again, making Cassidy turn to look at him.

That's when she saw that he also seemed tense and on the edge like her. Sure, he's surprised by her unexpected arrival. But more than that, he appeared like there's something about her sudden visit that didn't settle well with him.

"Is this about the divorce?"

Then, she stiffened.

When he brought that up while trying to mask his pain with a collected facade, she couldn't help but grimace. She completely forgot that they talked about that back then - and that's certainly because she never considered divorcing him at all. No matter what, she had to clear up his misunderstanding at once.

Ignoring his question, she then pulled out the box from her bag and handed it to him w

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