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After eating lunch together and getting to know each other for some time, the three eventually parted ways.

Cassidy and Adrian bid Yvounne farewell and expressed their gratitude for the treat. Because of her, the dead air and awkward silence between them become a little bearable. She was an engaging conversationalist throughout their exchange, and for some reason, she never questioned their relationship despite how odd they were acting.

Now, they are heading back to the main deck where the children and everyone else are.

"Those pancakes are so yummy and fluffy~! I would've eaten more if I wasn't still full!" Cassidy chirped with a blithesome grin - serving as the first to say something between the two of them ever since parting ways with Yvounne.

"You enjoyed them that much...? And here I was thinking you were only fond of ice creams," Adrian commented from beside her, smiling a little.

"They're both delicious~!"

She takes a glance at him right then but only to find him looking away at the same time.

While she knows that he is not that much of a talker, it does not settle well with her that he has never tried to initiate a conversation. That was why all they kept talking about was either the pancakes or the elderly woman they saved since those were the only topics she had something to say about.

If Cassidy hadn't been talking, Adrian wouldn't be doing so either - he'd only remain silent the whole time.

'Not to mention, he's walking too far...' she thought as she noticed that he was falling behind on purpose.

'Do I have a contagious disease or something?'

At least, the message is clear to her now.

It appears like he is giving her space, but the way he does it makes it looks like she is a delicate, fragile piece of glass - one wrong move from him, and she might break. He doesn't seem to be uncomfortable around her, though. Rather, he's trying to make her comfortable.

"By the way, you haven't answered my question earlier..." Cassidy started once more, remembering something.

"How did you know that I was there?"

"I met up with a certain colleague of mine. They are boarding this ship as well. I just happened to be near and find you running around the place," Adrian lied, feigning innocence.

It was a good thing that he had enough time to prepare an excuse, though it was true that he had a colleague in the name of Yvounne on board.

Adrian could not possibly straight up tell Cassidy that he had been following her around ever since they arrived there. While he knew he could just keep her company - and he did want to, he feared that what happened before would happen again.

There are several reasons why he needs to maintain his distance and follow her in secret, which kind of makes him look like a stalker in a way.

'No, maybe I'm really a stalker...' Adrian told himself with a flat and straight expression.

'Following her around, doing things for her from behind the scene

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