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As Cassidy kept getting closer and closer to the main headquarters of Millicent Inc. where Adrian could still be, her pace started decreasing.

She suddenly began wondering if dropping by unannounced was a bad idea, especially at such a late hour. At the thought of it, she couldn't help but groan. It had been a very long while since the last time she was in his workplace. She doesn't know what the other employees who can still recognize her will think.

'Also, I really hadn't prepared anything to say once I saw Adrian again. All I want is to be there for his birthday, which he is probably celebrating on his own.'

Quite a long moment passed until Cassidy finally arrived at Millicent Inc. which happened to be almost empty at this point.

She feels like turning back all of the sudden. But the cake in her hand keeps her from doing so. She has to go since she's already there - and she really, really wants to go. Even then, she's still gotten so tense and nervous for some reason. She can't understand herself at all.

Perhaps, this is because Cassidy is finally more aware of her feelings for Adrian - feelings that have changed over the course of time yet remained the same in terms of their essence.

'My feelings... for Adrian...'

Cassidy loves Adrian - that will never change no matter how much pain and heartaches she's gone through because of him.

She wants him to be happy even without her there. She can never hold any grudge against him. And she knows that she enjoys being with him even when all they keep doing is fighting over the smallest things.

'Still, I'm afraid. I know that things don't stay well for us for a long time. What if loving him again will lead us to new problems and harder sufferings?' Cassidy kept questioning to no one in particular until she finally entered the lobby of the main headquarters.

Her heart skipped a beat when she finally stood there.

She still hadn't even seen Adrian, but she could already feel herself heating up. Her cheeks are starting to burn up - probably, much too much that she feels like she is melting on the ground. She's kind of embarrassed since bringing a cake to her husband doesn't seem like her.

'What is going on with me? Why do I have to be so nervous? Why is every nerve in my body tingling? The heck is wrong with me?'

Unbeknownst to Cassidy, Charles was passing through the upper floor when he suddenly took notice of her stalling around at the entrance of the lobby.

He went frozen still out of utter nonplus. His eyes bulged wide while his steps came to a halt in an instant. For a moment, he thought he was hallucinating - she never said anything about paying a visit nor did she ever try to do something like this in the past two years. But then, he couldn't possibly be hallucinating no matter how implausible this seemed.

"Ma'am Cassidy... is really here..." Charles breathed out a little shakily.

"Can it be for the President's birthday?"



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