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Cassidy always acts on impulse whenever this kind of trouble shows up, which is why as soon as she sees how horrified the elderly woman looks, she chases the thief without hesitation.

"Wait here, Ma'am. I'll go get your wallet back."

With that, she went and followed the pace of her target.

The thief made a sprint across the deck and elbowed some bystanders to clear his way. She had to leap on a stroller and even ran on the wall to avoid crashing onto anyone. There were cries from those who were bumped into by the runaway man, but that did not divert her attention towards her prey.

Cassidy will just let the security guards and the medics do the job later on.

"You scoundrel!"

Getting a bit ahead of him, she then stunned him by landing on his front. He threw a punch in her direction, but she evaded it with ease. When he flung his other knuckle as revenge, she used his momentum to grab his wrist and collar before flipping him over and slamming his body to the ground.


The bone-crushing impact stole his breath. Even in his writhing state, she did not spare another second to twist and bound his arms. With her succeeding to apprehend him, she then hastily swipes the wallet from his hands.

"Serves you right, loser!" Cassidy scoffed while glowering down at him.

Unfortunately, the problem did not end there.

A burly-looking man who is twice as big as her captive appears in the scene out of nowhere. He towered right behind her and raised some sort of metal that glinted against the light - it was a small knife.

And that was when Cassidy realized that she had gotten herself in a bigger trouble than she expected.

She should have known, though. She should have known that a back-up or two would be around.

At that moment, everything happened at the speed of light. What came right after did not register in her head immediately. She then ended up shutting her eyes closed, finding it already too late to make a retaliation.


That was until someone unceremoniously lurched on her attacker and knocked him down with one ferocious blow.

The bright illumination that cast a shadow on the back of her savior made her squint her eyes. At first, she thought she saw this person in an all-too-familiar hoodie, but after looking a little more closely, she immediately caught sight of a sumptuous suit and some light brown streaks that gleamed a compelling luster.


For some reason, her husband managed to find her among that multitude - right when she was in danger, too.

Adrian appears relieved and worried the moment he finds her unscathed. All the while, Cassidy can only stare back at him in nonplus and disbelief.

"Are you alright, Cassidy?"


Earlier, Adrian had witnessed how the thief pushed the elderly woman, but as he was about to chase after him himself, Cassidy already beat him into it and made a dash for it.

He knows that she is one who will not

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