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Asher called Cassidy as he made his way to the kitchen of the diner.

Thrown into panic, she turned off the oven in a haste and rushed to the entrance. She then stood there and stretched her hand out, preventing him from stepping inside.

"Cassie, what's that smell? It smells so good! What are you making at this hour? Are they cookies?"

She only smiled at him nervously, not moving from her spot. He was supposed to be busy with his own restaurant around this time. But as soon as evening fell, he decided to hang around there and pay an unannounced visit.

Whether Asher is there or not, though, Cassidy is planning to go to Adrian no matter what.

"Yeah, they're cookies. But you can't have any..." she lied, still not prepared to disclose her intention to settle things with her husband.

"It's for the children at the orphanage."

"Oh, really...?" he blurted out while closing his eyes and sniffing the mouth-watering aroma.

"If you have extras, you should leave me some! Bryan and I would love to have a taste of your baking."

"I don't know if I'll have enough."

Cassidy silently asked Asher to forgive her for lying. She hates lying to him, but she has no choice. He'll most probably not let her go and do what she's planning. Then again, his resentment against the Millicent's still persists up until the present.

"Well, if you need anything, just call me. I'm gonna drink with Bryan for a bit. Don't burn down the kitchen, okay?" he teased and smirked at her, much to her annoyance.

Cassidy pouted and placed her hands on her hips. Asher only chuckled at her and patted her head before he finally left her alone. She then waited for a moment longer before she went back to what she was doing and opened the oven.

"So then, let's get this finished!"

Putting on her mittens, Cassidy pulled out the birthday cake she had made for Adrian.

She placed the cake pan on the counter and looked at her creation with pride. All that was left to do was to let it cool for a while. Then, she could add on the frosting.

'I never really made a cake that looked better than this one. Baking is not my thing, after all.'

She doesn't doubt that it's the smallest one that Adrian will receive today, but she still put all of her feelings into it.

She hoped he would like it - she did make it because of his birthday. At first, she hadn't believed what Aira told her yesterday. And she hesitated to make him anything. She kept pondering about it until she found herself rushing to the store before she knew it.

She went ahead and got all the ingredients she would need.

'I was going to get an instant cake mixer. But I figured that it would make the cake lose emotion if I did that. I wanted to make it special for him. And I wanted him to like it.'

While Cassidy was thinking about how Adrian would probably react, she could not help but blush and smile to herself.

It took her this long to remember all the feelings she used

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