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Lord of All Realms

Author: Ni Cang Tian

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Updated: 2021-09-08 03:11:17

Latest chapter: Chapter 1823: Worlds Sealed for A Hundred Thousand Years! (END)

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《Lord of All Realms》Latest chapter
Chapter 1823: Worlds Sealed for A Hundred Thousand Years! (END)
Chapter 1822: I Disagree
Chapter 1821: Walking Out Of The Chaos!
Chapter 1820: I'm Back!
Chapter 1819: Rebirth!
Chapter 1818: All Power Deprived
Chapter 1817: Abandonment
Chapter 1816: Turn Your Back On Me?
Chapter 1815: Genocide Plan
Chapter 1814: Reshuffle
Chapter 1813: The Upheaval of the Landscape of the Three Worlds
Chapter 1812: Bloodlines Cut Off!
《Lord of All Realms》' main text
Chapter 1823: Worlds Sealed for A Hundred Thousand Years! (END)
Chapter 1822: I Disagree
Chapter 1821: Walking Out Of The Chaos!
Chapter 1820: I'm Back!
Chapter 1819: Rebirth!
Chapter 1818: All Power Deprived
Chapter 1817: Abandonment
Chapter 1816: Turn Your Back On Me?
Chapter 1815: Genocide Plan
Chapter 1814: Reshuffle
Chapter 1813: The Upheaval of the Landscape of the Three Worlds
Chapter 1812: Bloodlines Cut Off!
Chapter 1811: From A God to A Man
Chapter 1810: Outsiders' Bloodline Upheaval
Chapter 1809: My Heart Is the Battleground!
Chapter 1808: The Fourth Generation!
Chapter 1807: A Helping Hand
Chapter 1806: The Counterattack of the Origin of Life!
Chapter 1805: The Fierce Battle Between The Origins!
Chapter 1804: Everything Is Unknown
Chapter 1803: Kill The Blood Father!
Chapter 1802: The Number One Divine Tool!
Chapter 1801: The Spacetime Blade!
Chapter 1800: The New Replaces The Old
Chapter 1799: Assimilation Of The Origin Of Life
Chapter 1798: A Paragon's Summons
Chapter 1797: Received By The Darkness
Chapter 1796: The Land Breaks
Chapter 1795: Escape From The Dark Land
Chapter 1794: King Of Devils!
Chapter 1793: Nip A Paragon In The Bud!
Chapter 1792: The Endless Changes of Darkness
Chapter 1791: Devil Blood Surges Rapidly!
Chapter 1790: Dark Bloodline
Chapter 1789: Devil Blood Resonance
Chapter 1788: Dark Paragon!
Chapter 1787: Luring The Darkness
Chapter 1786: Attitude Is What's The Most Important
Chapter 1785: Overthrow
Chapter 1784: The First of A Brand New Species
Chapter 1783: Unprecedented!
Chapter 1782: The Divine Flame Shapes Its Body
Chapter 1781: A Gift From A Paragon!
Chapter 1780: Strip!
Chapter 1779: Boundless Flesh Power
Chapter 1778: A Fierce Battle
Chapter 1777: The Subservient Origins
Chapter 1776: Stars Live And Die As Well
Chapter 1775: The Blood Father Speaks
Chapter 1774: Ji Cang's Dao
Chapter 1773: Paragon!
Chapter 1772: A Endless Climb
Chapter 1771: No More Restraint
Chapter 1770: Struggle
Chapter 1769: You Should Be Afraid of Me Too!
Chapter 1768: Paragons And Origins
Chapter 1767: If I Can't Choose Life, I Will Choose Death!
Chapter 1766: Threat
Chapter 1765: The Epoch-making Human Race!
Chapter 1764: From The Ancient Times To The Current Era
Chapter 1763: Who Is Right? Who Is Wrong?
Chapter 1762: My Choice!
Chapter 1761: Jackals from the Same Lair
Chapter 1760: The Blood Father Returns
Chapter 1759: The Seal of Time!
Chapter 1758: Time Travels Back
Chapter 1757: The Source of Evil
Chapter 1756: The Extinction of Star Behemoths
Chapter 1755: The Blood Father of the Spirit World!
Chapter 1754: The Origins, The Void Spirits, and The Various Species
Chapter 1753: Wandering In The Chaos
Chapter 1752: The Tree Of Doom
Chapter 1751: The Hardest Way To Become A Paragon!
Chapter 1750: The Origin Of Life
Chapter 1749: Colossus
Chapter 1748: Bloodline Instructions
Chapter 1747: Source of Bloodline
Chapter 1746: Who To Believe?
Chapter 1745: Path to Becoming A Paragon
Chapter 1744: Ancient Arch-devil
Chapter 1743: The Four Great Origins
Chapter 1742: Generations of Lurking Devil
Chapter 1741: The Voidspirit Mother Goddess
Chapter 1740: A Brutal Truth
Chapter 1739: Grand Monarch Lurking Devil
Chapter 1738: Killing The Hope
Chapter 1737: You Finally Got What You Deserve!
Chapter 1736: Head Explodes!
Chapter 1735: God of Light
Chapter 1734: Bones Melting
Chapter 1733: A Misty Cyan Heaven And Heaven
Chapter 1732: All Beings Are Burning Coals
Chapter 1731: Reverse!
Chapter 1730: His Mindset Collapses
Chapter 1729: Cognition Overturned!
Chapter 1728: Spiritual Power And Flesh Aura
Chapter 1727: Paragon!
Chapter 1726: He’s Coming Towards Me!
Chapter 1725: The Giant Corpse Falls
Chapter 1724: The Paragon Seeds!
Chapter 1723: Blood Domain Surge!
Chapter 1722: The Void Spirit’s Desire!
Chapter 1721: The Same Kind
Chapter 1720: The Same Destination
Chapter 1719: Tremendous Changes
Chapter 1718: Sudden Leaving
Chapter 1717: The Strongest Cultivator
Chapter 1716: True Or False
Chapter 1715: The Masterless Void Mirror
Chapter 1714: See
Chapter 1713: Flying Ash!
Chapter 1712: Destroy
Chapter 1711: Going Mad!
Chapter 1710: A Watering Mouth
Chapter 1709: Sufficient Sacrifices
Chapter 1708: The Divine Flame Arrives
Chapter 1707: Turning A New Leaf
Chapter 1706: The Fall of A Behemoth
Chapter 1705: Various Secrets
Chapter 1704: The Fortune And Rules of Heaven And Earth
Chapter 1703: Void Spirit!
Chapter 1702: The Sectmaster
Chapter 1701: Foreign Abominations Pile Up
Chapter 1700: Sink
Chapter 1699: Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s True Form
Chapter 1698: The Tribulation of the Three Worlds
Chapter 1697: The Azure Heaven Divine Emperor
Chapter 1696: Eternally Opposite Sides
Chapter 1695: The Bonedrude High Chieftain
Chapter 1694: A Deadly Battlefield
Chapter 1693: The Life-origin Form
Chapter 1692: The Heaven Sha
Chapter 1691: Stars Fight For Me!
Chapter 1690: Advance Despite Difficulties!
Chapter 1689: Endless Fight
Chapter 1688: Not Afraid Of Death
Chapter 1687: A Cruel Sacrifice
Chapter 1686: Sacrificial Offerings
Chapter 1685: Set Up A Net To Catch Fish
Chapter 1684: Ghostly Corpse Snake
Chapter 1683: They’re Here!
Chapter 1682: Prying Into the Dark
Chapter 1681: A Mystery Solved
Chapter 1680: Magnetic Star Crystal
Chapter 1679: A Brilliant Star
Chapter 1678: Like A Stray Dog
Chapter 1677: Kill!
Chapter 1676: Father And Son
Chapter 1675: Possess!
Chapter 1674: The Disappeared Truth!
Chapter 1673: Soul Confusing
Chapter 1672: The Real Forbidden Land!
Chapter 1671: Gathering of The Strong
Chapter 1670: The Fall of A Demon
Chapter 1669: Signs of Chaos
Chapter 1668: Soul Detection
Chapter 1667: Devil Blood Incarnates
Chapter 1666: Death From A Thousand Cuts
Chapter 1665: Are You Out of Your Mind?
Chapter 1664: Light Shines Again
Chapter 1663: The Dark Lady
Chapter 1662: Breaking And Entering!
Chapter 1661: The Six Formidable Kingpins
Chapter 1660: Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer
Chapter 1659: An Invisible Deterrent!
Chapter 1658: Become Well-known
Chapter 1657: Trend
Chapter 1656: A Chosen One from the Doomed Star Sea
Chapter 1655: The Beginning of Chaos
Chapter 1654: By Accident
Chapter 1653: The Place Where Grand Monarch Life Wood Dies
Chapter 1652: Upheaval In Various Places
Chapter 1651: The Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones
Chapter 1650: A Narrow Escape
Chapter 1649: Peak Strength Of The Void World
Chapter 1648: Spreading Chaos
Chapter 1647: Surrounded By Enemies
Chapter 1646: Badly Injured
Chapter 1645: The Shadow At The Bottom Of The River
Chapter 1644: Combat The Root Of The Problem
Chapter 1643: Changing The Target
Chapter 1642: Handle The Situation Skillfully
Chapter 1641: Dividing The Enemies From Within
Chapter 1640: Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood
Chapter 1639: Smashing the Stele!
Chapter 1638: A Dogfight
Chapter 1637: You Want To Be A Dog, But I Don’t!
Chapter 1636: Slaughtering Grand Patriarchs Like Chicken
Chapter 1635: Not A Rule-follower
Chapter 1634: Fight!
Chapter 1633: Traitor
Chapter 1632: Wait
Chapter 1631: The News Of His Arrival
Chapter 1630: Brimming With Flesh Power
Chapter 1629: Killing Devils!
Chapter 1628: Drawing The Snake Out Of The Cave
Chapter 1627: Reckless?
Chapter 1626: An Acquaintance
Chapter 1625: The Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement
Chapter 1624: Unstoppable In The Void World
Chapter 1623: A Human Paragon!
Chapter 1622: Intrigue
Chapter 1621: Stop
Chapter 1620: The Hunters
Chapter 1619: An Upheaval Of Our Race
Chapter 1618: Boundless Spiritual Qi
Chapter 1617: Close-up Examination
Chapter 1616: A Sealed Heaven And Earth
Chapter 1615: Fragmentary Stars Enter The Earth
Chapter 1614: More Questions
Chapter 1613: People Demonstrating Different Skills
Chapter 1612: Clamor
Chapter 1611: The New Base
Chapter 1610: Settling the Spirit World
Chapter 1609: The Death of A Grand Monarch!
Chapter 1608: A Fatal Strike!
Chapter 1607: Devastating Power!
Chapter 1606: Life Blend In A Real Sense
Chapter 1605: Beyond The Reach Of An Ordinary Person!
Chapter 1604: Young Master?
Chapter 1603: Good News
Chapter 1602: Hell Demon
Chapter 1601: Dream?
Chapter 1600: Rise!
Chapter 1599: Unstoppable!
Chapter 1598: The Strongest Human
Chapter 1597: Unmatched Power!
Chapter 1596: Blow!
Chapter 1595: Stepping Into The God Domain!
Chapter 1594: Decapitation
Chapter 1593: Trap And Kill
Chapter 1592: Goddess of Darkness
Chapter 1591: Fierce Flames
Chapter 1590: The Bell of Death!
Chapter 1589: The Day Will Come!
Chapter 1588: The Inheritor
Chapter 1587: Weird Changes!
Chapter 1586: A Mysterious Lake
Chapter 1585: The New Findings
Chapter 1584: The Start of Prosperity
Chapter 1583: Full of Questions
Chapter 1582: The Realm of Middle Continent
Chapter 1581: Humans
Chapter 1580: Killing In The Spirit World
Chapter 1579: Guide
Chapter 1578: Heavenly Spirit’s Will
Chapter 1577: A Grand Return
Chapter 1576: Calling Upon The Nether River!
Chapter 1575: Heaven Or Hell
Chapter 1574: Revisit
Chapter 1573: Why Should I Give You Access?
Chapter 1572: The Envious
Chapter 1571: Great Soul-conjuring Spell
Chapter 1570: I’ll Give You A Hand
Chapter 1569: Breaking The Seal!
Chapter 1568: He Is Expected To Be A Paragon
Chapter 1567: Soul Devourer
Chapter 1566: Heavily-injured Mo Heng
Chapter 1565: Chaos Behemoth
Chapter 1564: Going In The Opposite Direction
Chapter 1563: Making Stronger Followers
Chapter 1562: Terrifying Reserve
Chapter 1561: Bad News Doesn’t End
Chapter 1560: Soul Switch
Chapter 1559: Gains
CChapter 1558: Refining Into A Crystal!
Chapter 1557: The Real Origin of the Eye of Darkness
Chapter 1556: I Can Kill You Today!
Chapter 1555: Meeting Agatha Again
Chapter 1554: He’s Comparable To A Legend!
Chapter 1553: Overwhelming Fighting Power!
Chapter 1552: A Brilliant Star
Chapter 1551: Dominating the Domain of Endless Snow
Chapter 1550: Refinement!
Chapter 1549: Tough Enemies
Chapter 1548: The Spirit Scepter
Chapter 1547: The Transcendent
Chapter 1546: The Blood Realms of All Lives
Chapter 1545: Overseeing the Battle
Chapter 1544: The Wrath of the Behemoth!
Chapter 1543: That’s Enough!
Chapter 1542: Refuse to Obey!
Chapter 1541: The Son of Darkness
Chapter 1540: Behemoth Crawlers
Chapter 1539: Reentering The Blood Realm
Chapter 1538: A Hopeless Situation?
Chapter 1537: Struggle
Chapter 1536: Annihilation?
Chapter 1535: Grand Monarch Unholy Wind Has An Undeserved Title
Chapter 1534: Fighting to the End!
Chapter 1533: Reopen?
Chapter 1532: Fighting For The Portal
Chapter 1531: Stonemen, Birdmen, and Blackscales
Chapter 1530: Battle Prowess Skyrockets
Chapter 1529: Turning the Tide
Chapter 1528: Everything Has Its Nemesis
Chapter 1527: Origin of The Divine Flame
Chapter 1526: An Old Bonebrute From The Previous Generation
Chapter 1525: Bogged Down In Crisis
Chapter 1524: Overwhelming Sword Intent
Chapter 1523: Catching Everyone’s Attention!
Chapter 1522: Uprightness
Chapter 1521: Thousands Of Corpses In Rivers!
Chapter 1520: Great Achievement in Sub-soul Refinement
Chapter 1519: Demanding A Battle!
Chapter 1518: A Great Tribulation
Chapter 1517: Demons Descend
Chapter 1516: The Fifth Sect!
Chapter 1515: Reluctant To Part
Chapter 1514: He Can’t Even Escape!
Chapter 1513: Pei Yukong
Chapter 1512: Powerful Backing
Chapter 1511: Wiping the Space
Chapter 1510: Family
Chapter 1509: Slaughter
Chapter 1508: Accumulating Strength
Chapter 1507: Sword Qi Shoots Up Into The Sky
Chapter 1506: It’s Not Fair
Chapter 1505: The Place Where Mighty Ones Died
Chapter 1504: The River Of Time Reappears!
Chapter 1503: Coercion And Cajolery
Chapter 1502: Ice Bone
Chapter 1501: Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory
Chapter 1500: The Tortoise Upgrades
Chapter 1499: Fire from Flame’s End
Chapter 1498: Freeze
Chapter 1497: Atonement
Chapter 1496: He Has to Die
Chapter 1495: Savior?
Chapter 1494: Simply Too Powerful
Chapter 1493: Kill the Chicken to Warn the Monkey
Chapter 1492: Stress
Chapter 1491: Darkness Enshrouds
Chapter 1490: Shadow Stele
Chapter 1489: Righteous
Chapter 1488: Declare War
Chapter 1487: Settle Scores
Chapter 1486: Slaying A Grand Monarch!
Chapter 1485: Lots of Bad News
Chapter 1484: Evil Revives
Chapter 1483: Drive His Bloodline
Chapter 1482: Crystallization
Chapter 1481: Grief
Chapter 1480: A Moment of Enlightenment
Chapter 1479: An Opening
Chapter 1478: Blowing up the River!
Chapter 1477: Robbers
Chapter 1476: Silent Star Sea
Chapter 1475: Three Generations of Ancient Trees
Chapter 1474: Distributing Resources
Chapter 1473: Meeting Again
Chapter 1472: Redirecting A Calamity
Chapter 1471: The Nether River Calls
Chapter 1470: The Calamity of Behemoth
Chapter 1469: A Messy Situation
Chapter 1468: Coming Clean
Chapter 1467: Domestication
Chapter 1466: Wake Up
Chapter 1465: Heavenly Spirit Seal!
Chapter 1464: Take Sides
Chapter 1463: Disaster!
Chapter 1462: An Unprecedented Battle!
Chapter 1461: His Soul Is Connected To The Flame Land!
Chapter 1460: Suppress The Giant Cauldron!
Chapter 1459: High-spirited!
Chapter 1458: Stranded
Chapter 1457: Mysteries
Chapter 1456: Another Branch
Chapter 1455: Beg for Mercy
Chapter 1454: Killing Intent!
Chapter 1453: The Portal Is Seized!
Chapter 1452: Poking the Soul
Chapter 1451: Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits
Chapter 1450: The Nether River Reappears!
Chapter 1449: The Return of A Remaining Evil
Chapter 1448: Questions
Chapter 1447: The Might of A Behemoth
Chapter 1446: Natural Bane!
Chapter 1445: Ripper Behemoth!
Chapter 1444: Conflict
Chapter 1443: Show-stopper
Chapter 1442: The Behemoth Dines
Chapter 1441: The Mysterious Floating Continent
Chapter 1440: Confrontation
Chapter 1439: Besieged
Chapter 1438: A Lobbying Trip
Chapter 1437: Discussion
Chapter 1436: Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 1435: Internal Conflicts
Chapter 1434: Life Revival!
Chapter 1433: The More Advanced Bloodline!
Chapter 1432: Lifeblood Wheel
Chapter 1431: Waking Up
Chapter 1430: Parallel Explorations
Chapter 1429: Entering the Blood Realm
Chapter 1428: A Radical
Chapter 1427: Grand Monarch Primal Wood
Chapter 1426: Equally Matched
Chapter 1425: Suppression
Chapter 1424: Fights in the Domain of Heaven Span
Chapter 1423: His Confidence Skyrockets
Chapter 1422: Nie Tian’s Proposal
Chapter 1421: The Ifrits’s Domain
Chapter 1420: Reignition
Chapter 1419: Breakthrough
Chapter 1418: From Illusory To Real
Chapter 1417: The Dark Aureole
Chapter 1416: A Battle Between Magical Plants
Chapter 1415: A Newly-made Grand Monarch
Chapter 1414: The Exhaustion of the Spirit World
Chapter 1413: Grab What He Can
Chapter 1412: A Perilous Situation
Chapter 1411: A Perfect Match
Chapter 1410: A Gift
Chapter 1409: Origin of the Realm Sea
Chapter 1408: Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits
Chapter 1407: Return
Chapter 1406: A Purple Glede Badge
Chapter 1405: A Heavy Blow
Chapter 1404: Captured
Chapter 1403: Tie
Chapter 1402: You Are Outsiders to Us!
Chapter 1401: Human World, Spirit World, and Void World
Chapter 1400: Temporary Alliance
Chapter 1399: Another Soul-devouring Lake
Chapter 1398: A Difficult Situation
Chapter 1397: “Seal” Is the Seal
Chapter 1396: Evil Gods Awakening
Chapter 1395: Voidspirits
Chapter 1394: Secret
Chapter 1393: A New Visitor
Chapter 1392: Letting Loose
Chapter 1391: Betray Their Master?
Chapter 1390: Fragmentary Souls Reunite
Chapter 1389: Worship
Chapter 1388: Netherspirits
Chapter 1387: Strange Spatial Power
Chapter 1386: Reunion
Chapter 1385: The Other Side
Chapter 1384: Open The Arch
Chapter 1383: Soul Cleansing
Chapter 1382: Deriving Enlightenment
Chapter 1381: A Branch of the Nether River
Chapter 1380: Turmoil
Chapter 1379: One of the Realm Seas
Chapter 1378: A New Unforeseen Event!
Chapter 1377: Gather
Chapter 1376: The Cruelty of Wars
Chapter 1375: Follow Orders
Chapter 1374: A Heavenly River Descends
Chapter 1373: Start the Second Round!
Chapter 1372: Dark Descends
Chapter 1371: Light And Shadow Share the Same Origin
Chapter 1370: Warning
Chapter 1369: Wrap The Heavens Up
Chapter 1368: Resurrection?
Chapter 1367: A Different Corpse Refining Technique
Chapter 1366: Resentment
Chapter 1365: Tough Women
Chapter 1364: Competition
Chapter 1363: The Longer He Fights, the Stronger He Becomes!
Chapter 1362: An Old Eccentric
Chapter 1361: The Beginning of A War
Chapter 1360: A Strange Dream
Chapter 1359: Cannons Firing
Chapter 1358: Rapid Growth
Chapter 1357: Three Grand Monarchs
Chapter 1356: Flames All Over The Sky
Chapter 1355: Spirit Channeling Sword Intent
Chapter 1354: Start A Battle
Chapter 1353: Divine Tool Betrays Its Master
Chapter 1352: Priceless Star Treasure
Chapter 1351: Heavenly Stars Flower
Chapter 1350: A Storm Is Brewing
Chapter 1349: A Former Foe Wants to Be Friends
Chapter 1348: Plague
Chapter 1347: A Shocking Scene
Chapter 1346: Unknown Starry River
Chapter 1345: Revisiting the Magical Land
Chapter 1344: Separation
Chapter 1343: The Darling of Fire
Chapter 1342: Life Creator
Chapter 1341: Change The Nature Of Life
Chapter 1340: The Flame Spark’s Change
Chapter 1339: Competition
Chapter 1338: Isolation
Chapter 1337: Holing Up
Chapter 1336: Such Power?!
Chapter 1335: Tribulation
Chapter 1334: Four Manifestations Heaven-burning Formation
Chapter 1333: Nether Spirits’ Natural Bane
Chapter 1332: The Fire Element Sect Changes Hands
Chapter 1331: A So-Called Cultivation Genius
Chapter 1330: Heavenly Lava River
Chapter 1329: I’ve Heard A Lot About You!
Chapter 1328: A Great Change in the Fire Element Sect
Chapter 1327: Please Enlighten Me
Chapter 1326: A Divine Cauldron
Chapter 1325: Investigation
Chapter 1324: A Possibility
Chapter 1323: A Secret of the Fire Element Sect
Chapter 1322: Flame Dragon Agaz
Chapter 1321: The Realm of Fire Spirit
Chapter 1320: Turning Realms
Chapter 1319: Ice Soul Divine Daughter Bows Her Head
Chapter 1318: You’re Not Qualified To Talk To Me!
Chapter 1317: Unparalleled Battle Record
Chapter 1316: Godlike!
Chapter 1315: Fight Against Grand Monarch!
Chapter 1314: Great Quietus Of Soul!
Chapter 1313: Grand Monarch Dark Nether
Chapter 1312: Endless Demand
Chapter 1311: An Untroubled Land
Chapter 1310: Forced to Bow And Admit to A Mistake
Chapter 1309: Cultivation
Chapter 1308: Cashing Promise
Chapter 1307: Crisis Easily Solved
Chapter 1306: Infinite Transformation
Chapter 1305: Tit for tat
Chapter 1304: Calamity
Chapter 1303: Fear Spreads
Chapter 1302: Mutation
Chapter 1301: Panic
Chapter 1300: Seal!
Chapter 1299: Deceleration
Chapter 1298: I Don’t Believe
Chapter 1297: An Outsider Creature Called Gupi
Chapter 1296: Strange Change
Chapter 1295: Give Face to Nie Tian
Chapter 1294: The Strongest Expert Below the Peak
Chapter 1293: An Unfair Duel
Chapter 1292: A Self-sustaining Domain
Chapter 1291: Withdrawing and Releasing with Ease
Chapter 1290: Worshiped by People from Everywhere
Chapter 1289: The Nine Star Heavens
Chapter 1288: Letdown
Chapter 1287: Lighting up the Starry River
Chapter 1286: Making Another God Domain Expert
Chapter 1285: A Disservice?
Chapter 1284: Crazed Saint Domain Experts
Chapter 1283: A Clash Between Domains
Chapter 1282: Destroy A Domain!
Chapter 1281: Bring Soul Awareness Into The Domains
Chapter 1280: People Don’t Shed Tears Until They See Their Coffins!
Chapter 1279: “Come See Me In Three Days!”
Chapter 1278: Mediation
Chapter 1277: The Seventh Star!
Chapter 1276: Smashing All Resistance
Chapter 1275: Heaven-sweeping Jade Sea Cannons
Chapter 1274: There’s Still A Person Working!
Chapter 1273: Carnage
Chapter 1272: A Crushing Path
Chapter 1271: A Star of Calamities
Chapter 1270: A Star Destroyer
Chapter 1269: Domain-building?
Chapter 1268: Increased Pressure
Chapter 1267: Taking Control!
Chapter 1266: Division Of Yin And Yang
Chapter 1265: Eye For An Eye
Chapter 1264: Grand Starry Sky Hand Seal
Chapter 1263: Return
Chapter 1262: Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey
Chapter 1261: Reach An Agreement
Chapter 1260: Bloodline Conversion
Chapter 1259: The Mystery of the Frigid Depths
Chapter 1258: Double Bloodlines
Chapter 1257: The Might of A Grand Monarch
Chapter 1256: Breaking Ice!
Chapter 1255: Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect
Chapter 1254: An Uproar
Chapter 1253: Provocations
Chapter 1252: Enemy Bested
Chapter 1251: Bear and Swallow
Chapter 1250: A Flower with Nine Blossoms
Chapter 1249: Regrowth of the Nine Stars Flower
Chapter 1248: The Seven Purity Soul-channeling Incantation
Chapter 1247: Telling Different Stories
Chapter 1246: Intimidation
Chapter 1245: Eviction
Chapter 1244: Stubborn Fool
Chapter 1243: The Profound Purity Palace
Chapter 1242: A Giant Silver Ship
Chapter 1241: A Sect With Plunging Strength
Chapter 1240: Deviation
Chapter 1239: All Manifestations Star Banner!
Chapter 1238: Frigid Depths, the Forbidden Area
Chapter 1237: It’s Not That He’s Weak, But Rather You’re Strong!
Chapter 1236: The Clash of Divine Tools!
Chapter 1235: Breaking Ice
Chapter 1234: Mind Frozen
Chapter 1233: Divine Tool: Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom
Chapter 1232: The Might of the Evil Gods
Chapter 1231: The Domain of Frigid Depths
Chapter 1230: Crisis of the Sect
Chapter 1229: Upgrade to Evil Gods
Chapter 1228: A Nether Realm Legend
Chapter 1227: Evil Spirits Transformation
Chapter 1226: A Thorough Examination
Chapter 1225: Retaking the Primal Yang Sect
Chapter 1224: Breaking the Law
Chapter 1223: Burning A Domain
Chapter 1222: A Reborn Flame Dragon!
Chapter 1221: Golden Crow Bloodline!
Chapter 1220: The Primal Yang Heavenly Grand Formation
Chapter 1219: The Primal Yang Sect
Chapter 1218: Promises
Chapter 1217: Respect-paying Visitors
Chapter 1216: Anger
Chapter 1215: Ice Soul Divine Sect
Chapter 1214: Ingratiation
Chapter 1213: Achieving God Domain
Chapter 1212: I’m Heading up into the Heavens!
Chapter 1211: Bold Words
Chapter 1210: The Thirteen Domains
Chapter 1209: Allegiance Acknowledged
Chapter 1208: Evil Spirit Chant
Chapter 1207: Fighting Patriarch Pure Heaven
Chapter 1206: Unusual Scene at Sea Bottom
Chapter 1205: Profound Truths Crystallization!
Chapter 1204: Realm Fusing into Sea
Chapter 1203: Refinement
Chapter 1202: I’m Not Leaving!
Chapter 1201: Clash of Bloodlines
Chapter 1200: Your Time Has Ended!
Chapter 1199: Counterattack!
Chapter 1198: Reaching a Mutual Understanding
Chapter 1197: Cooperation?
Chapter 1196: Body Refinement with Lightning Power
Chapter 1195: The Head of the Lightning Element Sect
Chapter 1194: Enemies Meeting on A Narrow Road
Chapter 1193: A Thunder-devouring Whale
Chapter 1192: A Reforged Tenth Grade Heart
Chapter 1191: An Old Promise
Chapter 1190: A Surprise
Chapter 1189: A Forgotten Spell Formation in an Arcane Dimension
Chapter 1188: A Sudden Inspiration
Chapter 1187: Each Has Their Own Fortune
Chapter 1186: Admiration
Chapter 1185: Romantic Feelings
Chapter 1184: A Just Cause Attracts Much Support
Chapter 1183: Acknowledgment
Chapter 1182: Craze
Chapter 1181: People Are Alarmed
Chapter 1180: Ripping Pretended Friendly Masks
Chapter 1179: Imprisonment
Chapter 1178: New Trouble
Chapter 1177: Another Breakthrough!
Chapter 1176: Fan Tianze
Chapter 1175: The Limpid Cyan Sword
Chapter 1174: “To Me, You’re the Strangers!”
Chapter 1173: Eviction
Chapter 1172: Unpleasant Farewell
Chapter 1171: The Treacherous Disciple
Chapter 1170: The Company of A Beauty
Chapter 1169: The Crisis of the Mo Clan
Chapter 1168: A Smooth Breakthrough
Chapter 1167: A Learned Scholar
Chapter 1166: Comprehensive Improvement
Chapter 1165: A Great Opportunity
Chapter 1164: Neutralization
Chapter 1163: Replacement
Chapter 1162: The Strongest Heavenly Corpse?
Chapter 1161: The Depths
Chapter 1160: Prophet! Sage!
Chapter 1159: A Back like a Mountain Range
Chapter 1158: Fission
Chapter 1157: The Origin of Sword Cultivation
Chapter 1156: The Source of Calamity
Chapter 1155: Deterioration
Chapter 1154: The Inevitable
Chapter 1153: Frenzied Sacrifice
Chapter 1152: The Maker
Chapter 1151: A Grand Cage
Chapter 1150: Source of Fear
Chapter 1149: A Bolt from the Blue
Chapter 1148: A Future Calamity
Chapter 1147: A Peek into the Future
Chapter 1146: The Actual No. 1 Cultivator from the Domain of the Falling Stars
Chapter 1145: An Ancient Alliance
Chapter 1144: Peak Experts
Chapter 1143: Observing the Battle
Chapter 1142: Returning to the Shatter Battlefield
Chapter 1141: Doubts
Chapter 1140: Peculiar Scenes in A Strange Place
Chapter 1139: A Brand New World
Chapter 1138: A Brand New Era
Chapter 1137: Overwhelming Power
Chapter 1136: An Unforeseen Encounter
Chapter 1135: Losing Contact
Chapter 1134: A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 1133: A Silver Domain Snake
Chapter 1132: A Spatial Creature
Chapter 1131: A Battle between Peak Experts
Chapter 1130: A Hidden Force
Chapter 1129: The Thunder Devil Yields
Chapter 1128: Different Times
Chapter 1127: Another Encounter with the Thunder Devil
Chapter 1126: Revisiting An Old Haunt
Chapter 1125: Choice
Chapter 1124: Powerful Experts Gathering
Chapter 1123: A Rising Star
Chapter 1122: Victory
Chapter 1121: Two of the Same Species
Chapter 1120: Doom Blade
Chapter 1119: Those Who Call Themselves Gods
Chapter 1118: No Sign of Defeat
Chapter 1117: Clash of Flesh And Blood
Chapter 1116: Demonic Illusion Realm
Chapter 1115: The First Duel!
Chapter 1114: Powerful Experts Gathering
Chapter 1113: A Gift from the Dragons
Chapter 1112: Dragon Guests
Chapter 1111: Opponent
Chapter 1110: Preconditions for Fighting
Chapter 1109: An Inevitable Fight
Chapter 1108: Shocking the Starry River
Chapter 1107: Mo Heng’s Breakthrough
Chapter 1106: Recuperation
Chapter 1105: Demon Suffering a Heavy Blow
Chapter 1104: Slaying A Grand Patriarch!
Chapter 1103: Star Predator
Chapter 1102: Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect
Chapter 1101: Calamity
Chapter 1100: The Crisis of the Dong Clan
Chapter 1099: Stopping Cardy
Chapter 1098: Seven Grand Patriarchs
Chapter 1097: Query
Chapter 1096: One Step Too Late
Chapter 1095: Intention Unknown
Chapter 1094: Another Deed of the Heavenly Corpse Sect
Chapter 1093: Granting Blood Essence
Chapter 1092: Terrible News
Chapter 1091: A Piece of Unknown Information
Chapter 1090: The Heaven-equal Vine
Chapter 1089: An Odd Thing
Chapter 1088: Successful Core Withdrawal
Chapter 1087: Stirring Another Life
Chapter 1086: Core Break
Chapter 1085: Breakthrough into the Saint Domain
Chapter 1084: The Realm of Wood Spirit
Chapter 1083: Lifespan Extended by a Century
Chapter 1082: What’s Mine Is Yours!
Chapter 1081: Reaching Heaven in A Single Bound
Chapter 1080: Breaking Connections
Chapter 1079: A Big Fortune Is Made
Chapter 1078: A Demonic Stone
Chapter 1077: The Grand Monarch’s Birthplace
Chapter 1076: Doomsday
Chapter 1075: The Sixth Demon Realm
Chapter 1074: Invading the Demon Realm
Chapter 1073: The Third Legacy Disciple
Chapter 1072: Shocking Discovery
Chapter 1071: Hope Mingled with Worry
Chapter 1070: The Most Crooked One
Chapter 1069: The Election of the New Elder
Chapter 1068: Star Meeting
Chapter 1067: The Star Medallion Vibrates
Chapter 1066: Spiritual Core Condensing
Chapter 1065: Anomalies Caused by Breakthrough
Chapter 1064: Losing Heart
Chapter 1063: A Painful Lesson
Chapter 1062: Turning the Situation Around
Chapter 1061: Unraveling from Within
Chapter 1060: Soul Ferry Battle Armor
Chapter 1059: An Illusory Nether River
Chapter 1058: Breaking Shackles
Chapter 1057: The Descendant of A Grand Monarch
Chapter 1056: The Origin of All Flames!
Chapter 1055: Saving People
Chapter 1054: Domain-corroding Flames
Chapter 1053: Reputation
Chapter 1052: “Who Do You Think You Are?”
Chapter 1051: The Divine Daughter’s Request
Chapter 1050: The Reason to Kill You!
Chapter 1049: “What Are You Doing, Nie Tian?!”
Chapter 1048: Far-flung Fame
Chapter 1047: Oppression
Chapter 1046: Floating in the Starry River
Chapter 1045: Master Blood Spirit
Chapter 1044: An Unusual Man
Chapter 1043: Returning to Graydusk Forest
Chapter 1042: Entering the Blood Realm
Chapter 1041: A Lost Battle
Chapter 1040: God Domain Reinforcements
Chapter 1039: A Lasting Tribulation
Chapter 1038: Turbulence Across All Domains
Chapter 1037: Potential Stimulation
Chapter 1036: A Bloodline Test
Chapter 1035: Revelation
Chapter 1034: Fellow Disciples
Chapter 1033: Half-man Half-Demon
Chapter 1032: Grievous News
Chapter 1031: Reunion
Chapter 1030: Life Reaper
Chapter 1029: Slaying Auden
Chapter 1028: Infinite Fighting Spirit
Chapter 1027: Battle Begins
Chapter 1026: Heaven-defying Bloodline Talents
Chapter 1025: Shifting Trouble onto Another
Chapter 1024: Copying A Dirty Trick
Chapter 1023: The Insidious
Chapter 1022: Healing Injuries
Chapter 1021: A Grand Monarch and A God Domain Expert
Chapter 1020: A Stunning War
Chapter 1019: Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher
Chapter 1018: Magic Idol with Divine Might
Chapter 1017: The Shocking Pei Qiqi
Chapter 1016: Crooked Sects
Chapter 1015: Bridges Formed by Nether Spirits
Chapter 1014: Trapped
Chapter 1013: “Moron!”
Chapter 1012: Void Travel
Chapter 1011: A Future Master
Chapter 1010: Seeing Pei Qiqi Again
Chapter 1009: The Resurgence of the Nether Spirit Society
Chapter 1008: The Divine Bell Tolled Again
Chapter 1007: Demonic Power from the Origin
Chapter 1006: Clash of Flesh Auras
Chapter 1005: The Residual Flesh Auras of a Grand Patriarch
Chapter 1004: “You Don’t Seem to Have Much Time Left.”
Chapter 1003: The Fifth Son of the Stars
Chapter 1002: The Tragic Past
Chapter 1001: The Realm of Remote Heaven
Chapter 1000: People Yearning to Enter the Saint Domain
Chapter 999: Report
Chapter 998: Exposure in the Starry River
Chapter 997: Nourishing the Bone
Chapter 996: The Insurmountable
Chapter 995: Soul Refinement
Chapter 994: Farewell
Chapter 993: The Whole Story
Chapter 992: Aftermath
Chapter 991: Help from the Flame Spark
Chapter 990: A Tough Situation
Chapter 989: Deep Enlightenment
Chapter 988: Three Different Races Engaging In A Fight
Chapter 987: A Dragon Howl in the Desert
Chapter 986: New Arrivals
Chapter 985: Evernight!
Chapter 984: The Black Tortoise
Chapter 983: A Phoenix Corpse Sealed in A Glacier
Chapter 982: The Mystery of Outsider Rebirth
Chapter 981: “I’m Completely Won Over!”
Chapter 980: A Godspirit Tree Sapling
Chapter 979: A Dead Godspirit Tree
Chapter 978: Remedy
Chapter 977: Thief
Chapter 976: Kill
Chapter 975: The First Target
Chapter 974: Utterly Different Fates
Chapter 973: The Sad Ones
Chapter 972: The Floating Dimension
Chapter 971: Mission
Chapter 970: Special Care
Chapter 969: Solving Mysteries in the Record Pavilion
Chapter 968: The Star Behemoth
Chapter 967: Bottleneck
Chapter 966: Returning to Fragmentary Star City
Chapter 965: Major Gains
Chapter 964: Examining the Bone
Chapter 963: Ending the Battle
Chapter 962: Battle on with the Support of Battle Gains
Chapter 961: An Even More Remote Era
Chapter 960: It Belongs To Me Now
Chapter 959: The Mysterious Bone
Chapter 958: Breaking the Balance
Chapter 957: Bloodline Pioneer
Chapter 956: Travel Through the Starry River
Chapter 955: Extraordinary Outsiders
Chapter 954: The Sharpest Weapon
Chapter 953: Fight with Skill and Ease
Chapter 952: Fierce Battle
Chapter 951: Toxic Rain
Chapter 950: Cruel Inter-race Wars
Chapter 949: Controlling Meteors
Chapter 948: Setback
Chapter 947: The Daughter of Flames
Chapter 946: Exploring A New Domain
Chapter 945: The Best Taste in Men
Chapter 944: Forces Cross Over
Chapter 943: Unprecedentedly Smooth Breakthrough
Chapter 942: Life Transformation?
Chapter 941: Luring the Divine Flame
Chapter 940: Aid from Far Away
Chapter 939: Scared Out of Their Wits
Chapter 938: A God Domain Expert Descends?
Chapter 937: Breaking the Promise
Chapter 936: Solving the Spell Formation
Chapter 935: Setup
Chapter 934: Bringing Upheavals to Numerous Realms
Chapter 933: Name Spreading Far and Wide
Chapter 932: Nie Tian, the Seventh Son of the Stars!
Chapter 931: The Collision Between Domains
Chapter 930: The Bloody Despair Brotherhood
Chapter 929: Passing A Tribulation
Chapter 928: Old Shadow Eccentric
Chapter 927: Moving Forward
Chapter 926: Heavy Pressure
Chapter 925: Refusals
Chapter 924: Calamity Lifted
Chapter 923: Rewards
Chapter 922
Chapter 921: Grand Elder
Chapter 920: An Unexpected Guest
Chapter 919: An Earth Grade Incantation
Chapter 918: Secret Investigation
Chapter 917: Receiving Everyone’s Attention
Chapter 916: Secrets
Chapter 915: Received
Chapter 914: A Super-large Realm
Chapter 913: Instructions
Chapter 912: Hatching the Huge Egg
Chapter 911: Gifts
Chapter 910: Pei Qiqi’s Arrangement
Chapter 909: Vortexes Transforming into Cores
Chapter 908: Breakthrough
Chapter 907: The Determination to Kill
Chapter 906: Interception
Chapter 905: Don’t Push Me!
Chapter 904: Secret Aid
Chapter 903: A Storm Coming
Chapter 902: Land Filled with Wailing People
Chapter 901: A Crisis Looms
Chapter 900: Two Sources of Disaster
Chapter 899: Forming A Sub-soul
Chapter 898: Returning to the Realm of Maelstrom
Chapter 897: Seeing Her Again
Chapter 896: Patriarch Pure Heaven
Chapter 895: An Unforeseen Turn of Events
Chapter 894: Suffering from Their Own Doing
Chapter 893: Expelling Tigers and Driving Away Wolves
Chapter 892: The Thunder Devil
Chapter 891: Different Experience
Chapter 890: Clowns
Chapter 889: Rescue
Chapter 888: Foreign Enemies
Chapter 887: The Five Evil Spirits
Chapter 886: Parting Ways
Chapter 885: Seal!
Chapter 884: Ripping the Shield Open
Chapter 883: Meeting Obstacles
Chapter 882: Earth Cultivated Grade Sacrificial Offerings
Chapter 881: An Ancient Altar
Chapter 880: Killing His Sworn Enemy with His Own Hands
Chapter 879: Clearing the Obstacles
Chapter 878: An Ill-matched Battle
Chapter 877: Meeting Xing Bo Again
Chapter 876: A Well Filled with Grimy Blood
Chapter 875: A Stone Golem Capital
Chapter 874: All Kinds of Secrets
Chapter 873: Additional Gains
Chapter 872: Rich Gains
Chapter 871: A Palace, A Sect, A Society, And A Pavilion
Chapter 870: Divine Remains from the Desolate Antiquity Era
Chapter 869: A Tangled Fight
Chapter 868: Acquaintances Reconvene
Chapter 867: A Strange Black Egg
Chapter 866: Ghouls
Chapter 865: The Spirit Pearl’s Magical Uses
Chapter 864: Evil Young Man
Chapter 863: Crisis Strikes
Chapter 862: Hiding Flesh Aura
Chapter 861: All Must Die!
Chapter 860: Assaulted
Chapter 859: Getting Out of A Difficult Situation
Chapter 858: Breaking Through One after Another
Chapter 857: The Bloody Grave Mountain Range
Chapter 856: Bloodline Upgrade
Chapter 855: An Earth Cultivated Grade Treasure
Chapter 854: Defeated by One Strike
Chapter 853: No Need to Thank Me
Chapter 852: Enemy from Without
Chapter 851: Poisonous Corpse at the Lake Bottom
Chapter 850: A Poisonous Lake
Chapter 849: Your Women?
Chapter 848: Shameless Man and Woman
Chapter 847: Coexisting Flowers
Chapter 846: Cultivation in A Secluded Location
Chapter 845: Yuan Jiuchuan
Chapter 844: A Reborn Cultivator!
Chapter 843: Killing in Cold Blood
Chapter 842: A Sudden Change
Chapter 841: The Thunder King Seal
Chapter 840: Fata, the Floragrim
Chapter 839: A Strange Floragrim
Chapter 838: Swap
Chapter 837: Vermilion Bird, the True Ancientbeast
Chapter 836: Inspiring Awe
Chapter 835: Man-devouring Marshland
Chapter 834: Enemies on A Narrow Road
Chapter 833: Claiming Wells
Chapter 832: Fortune Wells
Chapter 831: A Brother-sister Pair
Chapter 830: A City in Ruins
Chapter 829: Leaving Crestfallen
Chapter 828: Being Each Other’s Poison
Chapter 827: Outsider Chosen Ones
Chapter 826: Dao Enlightenment Rock
Chapter 825: A Friendly Battle
Chapter 824: Splitting the Spoils
Chapter 823: Two Ferocious Women
Chapter 822: Rising to Attack
Chapter 821: Scary as A Ghost
Chapter 820: Each Having Their Own Plans
Chapter 819: Silver Beetles’ Nest
Chapter 818: Splitting Up
Chapter 817: A Journey for the Fearless
Chapter 816: A Race That Should Have Gone Extinct
Chapter 815: Shatter, Shatter!
Chapter 814: Calls from the Desolate Antiquity Era
Chapter 813: The Ninth Stone Statue
Chapter 812: Awakening
Chapter 811: A Sudden Turn of Events!
Chapter 810: Nie Tian’s Warning
Chapter 809: Remaking the Rule
Chapter 808: Deriving Enlightenment from Stone Statues
Chapter 807: A Sea Floating in the Void
Chapter 806: Pure Heaven Sect
Chapter 805: Connecting Realms
Chapter 804: An Unruly Person
Chapter 803: Good News
Chapter 802: An Accident Occurs
Chapter 801: Sand of Time
Chapter 800: A Special Realm
Chapter 799: Blood Core Morphs
Chapter 798: The Realm of Withering Flame
Chapter 797: The Domain of Heaven Python
Chapter 796: The Divine Seal Sect
Chapter 795: Coincidence
Chapter 794: Martial Brothers!
Chapter 793: A Turn of Events
Chapter 792: True Void
Chapter 791: Framed
Chapter 790: The Golden Vast Sect
Chapter 789: Death Depot
Chapter 788: A Burial Ground
Chapter 787: Historic Connections
Chapter 786: A Decision Made
Chapter 785: Breakthrough! Upheaval!
Chapter 784: Looking into the Past
Chapter 783: The Wonders of Soul Crystals
Chapter 782: Wu Ji’s Problem
Chapter 781: Banding Together
Chapter 780: The Heaven Palace Sect Atones for Their Mistakes
Chapter 779: The Breaker of Domains
Chapter 778: Star Path
Chapter 777: Double-colored Demonic Flowers
Chapter 776: Flowers Appearing on Her Face
Chapter 775: Humiliation
Chapter 774: Rescue
Chapter 773: Yin Yanan’s Burden
Chapter 772: “You’re Right! I’m Into You!”
Chapter 771: He’s Into You!
Chapter 770: Merging ‘Domains’
Chapter 769: Crush
Chapter 768: Set the Tune with One Beat of the Gong
Chapter 767: A Bloodbath!
Chapter 766: Probing
Chapter 765: Awareness That Covers Hundreds of Thousands of Kilometers!
Chapter 764: Asking For Peace?
Chapter 763: Ultimates Reverse Grand Spell Formation
Chapter 762: Vitality-returning Celestial Stone
Chapter 761: A Death Wish!
Chapter 760: “We Want Them All!”
Chapter 759: Starchain Obtained
Chapter 758: Test?
Chapter 757: Entrance Denied
Chapter 756: It’s Meant for Me!
Chapter 755: A Blessed Land
Chapter 754: Crisis Looms
Chapter 753: Meridian Toughening
Chapter 752: Let Me See
Chapter 751: A Broken Realm
Chapter 750: The Thriving Nine Stars Flower
Chapter 749: Backlash
Chapter 748: Fierce Battle
Chapter 747: Turning
Chapter 746: Mother Bug
Chapter 745
Chapter 744: Metal-devouring Bug
Chapter 743: Bluffing
Chapter 742: The Corpses of Two Eighth Grade Spirit Beasts
Chapter 741: Parties Meet Up
Chapter 740: Regaining A Direction
Chapter 739: The Star Boat Overawes
Chapter 738: “I Guess You’re Not A Total Jerk”
Chapter 737: Ancient Hybrid
Chapter 736: Forced to Help
Chapter 735: Soul Refining
Chapter 734: The Aura of A Grand Patriarch
Chapter 733: Splitting Up
Chapter 732: Chase
Chapter 731: Lost
Chapter 730: The Profundity of Star Souls
Chapter 729: Truce
Chapter 728: Scaring Powerful Enemies Away
Chapter 727: Primal Chaos
Chapter 726: Blending Might
Chapter 725: Titan’s Wrath!
Chapter 724: “What Can You Do About It?”
Chapter 723: “Kill As Many As You Can!”
Chapter 722: Soul Possessing
Chapter 721: Soul Core
Chapter 720: Bad Habit
Chapter 719: Collecting Soul Crystals
Chapter 718: Riding Out Difficulty Together
Chapter 717: Changes In the Lake
Chapter 716: Each Showing Their Special Prowess
Chapter 715: Soul Crystals at the Lake Bottom
Chapter 714: Souls Losing Control
Chapter 713: Meridian Toughening
Chapter 712: Extracting Wood Power
Chapter 711: The Seventh Grade Frost Blood Python
Chapter 710: Chosen Ones From Another Domain
Chapter 709: A Piece from A Shattered Realm
Chapter 708: Golden Stone Sect
Chapter 707: Guidance
Chapter 706: The Flame Bird
Chapter 705: Enmity
Chapter 704: The Girl Who Comes in Flames
Chapter 703: The Decline and Death of Realms
Chapter 702: The Invitation from the Divine Flame Sect
Chapter 701: Speculations
Chapter 700: The Abandoned Land Becomes the Blessed Land
Chapter 699: A Star Boat
Chapter 698: The Palace That Rises to the Ground
Chapter 697: All is Quiet
Chapter 696: Spiritual Core Forms, True Soul Appears!
Chapter 695: The Beauty Never Seen
Chapter 694: New Discoveries
Chapter 693: Illusory Ancient Symbol
Chapter 692: Exploring the Unknown
Chapter 691: Four Eras
Chapter 690: Soul Awakening
Chapter 689: The Phantasms Equipment Forging Room
Chapter 688: Prying into the Flame God Sects Headquarters
Chapter 687: Reentering the Realm of Dark Underworld
Chapter 686: The Guardian of the Domain of the Falling Stars
Chapter 685: Secrets
Chapter 684 Time for Payback
Chapter 683: The Flame Dragon Armors Origin
Chapter 682: An Unforeseen Turn of Events
Chapter 681: Visitors from the Divine Flame Sect
Chapter 680: I Had To!
Chapter 679: Forced to Show Up
Chapter 678: Outrageous Behavior
Chapter 677: Chain Reaction
Chapter 676: A Sudden Change in the Situation
Chapter 675: The Condor
Chapter 674: The Ice Pavilion Sect Gives In
Chapter 673: The Lei Clan
Chapter 672: Changes in the Tool Sect
Chapter 671: Journey Home
Chapter 670: Comes and Goes As He Pleases
Chapter 669: Holy Daughter of the Bliss Mountain Sect
Chapter 668: Three Years Later
Chapter 667: Each Getting Their Fortune
Chapter 666: Slaughter
Chapter 665: Misleading
Chapter 664: Mind Games
Chapter 663: A Successful Product of Hybridization
Chapter 662: Half Man, Half Beast
Chapter 661: Newcomers
Chapter 660: The Nine-story Pagoda
Chapter 659: Sects from Another Domain
Chapter 658: Master Voidspirits Legacies
Chapter 657: Corpses Keep Appearing
Chapter 656: Space Disruption Zone
Chapter 655: Nine Stars Flower
Chapter 654: Splitting the Spoils
Chapter 653: Sweeping Everything Away
Chapter 652: Argument
Chapter 651: Countless Treasures
Chapter 650: Hidden Crisis
Chapter 649: The Victory Convention in the Thunder Mountain Sect
Chapter 648: Deriving Enlightenment
Chapter 647: Returning with Glory
Chapter 646: A Hundred Flowers Blossom at the Same Time
Chapter 645: Bamboo Forest
Chapter 644: People Come From All Directions to Pay Their Respects
Chapter 643: Fame Spreads Far and Wide
Chapter 642: Finding Clues
Chapter 641: Hua Mu Sobers Up
Chapter 640: Fixing the Tone with One Beat of the Gong
Chapter 639: Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon
Chapter 638: Standing Up To the Heaven Palace Sect
Chapter 637: Doomsday
Chapter 636: Hua Mu Turns
Chapter 635: Sudden Changes
Chapter 634: The Bonebrutes Indestructible Form
Chapter 633: The Interracial War
Chapter 632: Joining the Battle
Chapter 631
Chapter 630: A New Idea
Chapter 629: Parting on Bad Terms
Chapter 628: Hanging by A Thread
Chapter 627: Selling Tickets
Chapter 626: I Wont Even Lend It to Him!
Chapter 625: Constant Change of Events
Chapter 624: Turbulences Coming to An End
Chapter 623: Start Butchering
Chapter 622: Turning the Situation Around
Chapter 621: Tangled Battles
Chapter 620: Demon Ancestral Awakening
Chapter 619: Zhao Shanling Getting His Way
Chapter 618: Zhao Shanlings Stubbornness
Chapter 617: Hell on Earth
Chapter 616: Leaving Again
Chapter 615: Talents and Magics
Chapter 614: Master and Disciple Open Hearts to Each Other
Chapter 613: Not Daring Enough
Chapter 612: Time Freeze!
Chapter 611: Two Deals
Chapter 610: Wu Ji
Chapter 609: Ill Even Die If I Have To
Chapter 608: Plight
Chapter 607: Extracting Blood Essence
Chapter 606: Desperate Ones
Chapter 605: The Calamity Descends
Chapter 604: Outsiders Descend
Chapter 603: Heart Refinement
Chapter 602: Exploring New Heaven and Earth
Chapter 601: Grand Return
Chapter 600: The Greatest Honor of the Realm of Flame Heaven
Chapter 599: Slaughtering Profound Realm Experts!
Chapter 598: Leaving the City
Chapter 597: Streaming Flame Pill
Chapter 596: A Ring of Holding with Exceptional Storage Room
Chapter 595: Weve Met Before
Chapter 594: Unforeseen Fortune
Chapter 593: Come to the Stage
Chapter 592: The Trading Fair
Chapter 591: New Discoveries
Chapter 590: Important News
Chapter 589: Strong Support
Chapter 588: Fearless
Chapter 587: Obstruction
Chapter 586: A Storm Brews
Chapter 585: The Li Clans Blood Feud
Chapter 584: Recovering Strength
Chapter 583: Return
Chapter 582: A Shocking Glimpse
Chapter 581: Stand Unwavering
Chapter 580: The Might of A Single Strike
Chapter 579: A Dilapidated Starship
Chapter 578: The Start of a Catastrophe
Chapter 577: A Freak?
Chapter 576: Temporary Peace
Chapter 575: Crushing the Enemy
Chapter 574: Flesh And Blood Flying in Every Direction
Chapter 573: Turbulences Rise Again
Chapter 572: Unexpected Fortune
Chapter 571: Hidden Intentions Being Revealed
Chapter 570: Opening Up
Chapter 569: Meeting Pei Qiqi Again
Chapter 568: Excellent Battle Results
Chapter 567: One vs Many
Chapter 566: The Impregnable Ward
Chapter 565: Wood Thriving Formation
Chapter 564: Finding a Way to Survive
Chapter 563: Killing Spree
Chapter 562: Do We Go Save Him?
Chapter 561: Since You Want Me to Stay, I Will!
Chapter 560: The Son of the Stars
Chapter 559: Soul Burning Seals
Chapter 558: Crystal Bones
Chapter 557: Divine Body Refinement Method
Chapter 556: Waiting
Chapter 555: A Powerful Opponent
Chapter 554: A Chatterbox
Chapter 553: An Outsider Descends
Chapter 552: Hunting
Chapter 551: Eliminating Suspicion
Chapter 550: The Unique Nie Tian
Chapter 549: What People Want
Chapter 548: Exploring Alone
Chapter 547: Ample Compensation
Chapter 546: An Exorbitant Price
Chapter 545: Corpses In the Depths of the Sea
Chapter 544: A Vague Awareness
Chapter 543: Potential Danger
Chapter 542: Formidable Outsider Enemies
Chapter 541: Stonemen
Chapter 540: Island
Chapter 539: You Have Misunderstood...
Chapter 538: How Is That Possible?!
Chapter 537: Invincibility
Chapter 536: Awe Inspired by Blood-spilling
Chapter 535: Formation
Chapter 534: Ill Guard You This Time
Chapter 533: Sitting Atop the Mountain Peak and Watching the Tigers Fight
Chapter 532: An Eighth Grade Black Phoenix!
Chapter 531: An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 530: Too Weak to Withstand a Single Strike!
Chapter 529: Killing After a Breakthrough
Chapter 528: The Ill-intended
Chapter 527: Breaking the Cultivation Barrier
Chapter 526: Wishful Thinking!
Chapter 525: A Land of Treasures
Chapter 524: The Bottom Continent
Chapter 523: The Soul of A Phantasm
Chapter 522: Uncertainties
Chapter 521: Qin Yans Apology
Chapter 520: Spiritual Hexaflame Formation
Chapter 519: Punching to the Ground with One Strike
Chapter 518: The End of the Segment
Chapter 517: Soul Blades
Chapter 516: Well-matched Adversary
Chapter 515: Right Back at You
Chapter 514: Flying in One after Another
Chapter 513: Jumping In
Chapter 512: Destination
Chapter 511: Remains of Bonebrutes
Chapter 510: Sorting Out the Truth
Chapter 509: Brawl
Chapter 508: Converge
Chapter 507: Cracks in the Earth
Chapter 506: Searching for Secrets
Chapter 505: Its Him?!
Chapter 504: Intimacy
Chapter 503: Splendid Battle Results
Chapter 502: Skilled and Effortless Kills
Chapter 501: Taking the Enemies Out One by One
Chapter 500: Thorns Protrude
Chapter 499: Heavenly Wood
Chapter 498: Let Me Have a Try
Chapter 497: Accumulating Power
Chapter 496: Efforts in Vain
Chapter 495: Infiltration of Toxins
Chapter 494: Life Drain
Chapter 493: Swarming Bugs
Chapter 492: Going Further into the Dimension
Chapter 491: Soul Banner
Chapter 490: Grand Soul Grinder
Chapter 489: Betrayal
Chapter 488: Discoveries
Chapter 487: Bone Remains
Chapter 486: Screams in the Night
Chapter 485: Joining Hands
Chapter 484: A Gift
Chapter 483: Two Choices
Chapter 482: Expelling Order
Chapter 481: Rescue
Chapter 480: Six Spatial Rifts
Chapter 479: The Thunder Mountain Sect
Chapter 478: Broken Order
Chapter 477: Experts Swarming In
Chapter 476: The Common Destination
Chapter 475: Enlightenment
Chapter 474: Hidden Crisis
Chapter 473: A Learned Scholar
Chapter 472: A Secret Talk
Chapter 471: Master-disciple Reunion
Chapter 470: Giving No Face
Chapter 469: Embarrassment
Chapter 468: Post-war Battlefield
Chapter 467: Zhao Shanling
Chapter 466: A Crisis Appearing Out of the Blue
Chapter 465: Another Lie
Chapter 464: Returning A Favor
Chapter 463: Life Drain
Chapter 462: A Major Tribulation for the Tool Sect
Chapter 461: Wu Langxie
Chapter 460: Giving Nie Tian Face
Chapter 459: Rescue
Chapter 458: It Worked!
Chapter 457: Placing the Blame
Chapter 456: A Difficult Situation
Chapter 455: Remaining Evil from the Bone Sect
Chapter 454: Old Friends from the Blood Sect
Chapter 453: Renewed Life
Chapter 452: Collection
Chapter 451: The Eye of a Titan
Chapter 450: Fruits of Life
Chapter 449: Setback
Chapter 448: The Promised Land
Chapter 447: A Pattern Emerges
Chapter 446: The Roving Target
Chapter 445: A Star of Calamity
Chapter 444: The Death Reign
Chapter 443: Snatching Prey from A Tiger
Chapter 442: Upheaval
Chapter 441: Earthflame Essence
Chapter 440: Gathering Discarnate Souls
Chapter 439: Ill-fated Seeker
Chapter 438: Patience
Chapter 437: Not Even A Blade of Grass
Chapter 436: A Close Miss
Chapter 435: An Old Opponent
Chapter 434: The Tool Sect
Chapter 433: Desolate City
Chapter 432: Slight Changes in the Spiritual Sea
Chapter 431: Ive Been Waiting for You!
Chapter 430: Entering the Greater Heaven Stage
Chapter 429: Smelting
Chapter 428: Saving the Master
Chapter 427: Earth-shaking, Mountain-shattering Changes
Chapter 426: The Spirit Pearl
Chapter 425: It Worked!
Chapter 424: The Good Old Days
Chapter 423: A Cluster of Memories
Chapter 422: Mountains of Corpses and Seas of Blood
Chapter 421: Wu Tian?
Chapter 420: Perilous Situation
Chapter 419: Testing
Chapter 418: Relic at the Lake Bottom
Chapter 417: No Turning Back
Chapter 416: The Might of Thunder!
Chapter 415: Psychic Attack
Chapter 414: A Warning
Chapter 413: The Sign of A Phantasm
Chapter 412: Breaking up in Discord
Chapter 411: Like A Shadow
Chapter 410: The Realm of Dark Underworld
Chapter 409: A Shocking Presumption
Chapter 408: Drinking
Chapter 407: Separating Again
Chapter 406: Deal
Chapter 405: A New Plan
Chapter 404: A Frustrating Failure
Chapter 403: Soaring Black Phoenix
Chapter 402: Beast Spirit Incantation!
Chapter 401: What Do You Want?
Chapter 400: Standoff
Chapter 399: Sustaining Injuries
Chapter 398: Killing with One Strike!
Chapter 397: Dong Lis Threat
Chapter 396: A Vicious Beauty
Chapter 395: Black Water Lake
Chapter 394: Rule Breakers
Chapter 393: Good Will Be Rewarded with Good
Chapter 392: Spirit Beasts Feeding Area
Chapter 391: Spirit Plant Mountain
Chapter 390: Gift
Chapter 389: Water Moon Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 388: The Realm of a Hundred Battles
Chapter 387: Breakthrough
Chapter 386: At Wits End
Chapter 385: Promise
Chapter 384: Breaking Up!
Chapter 383: Refusing the Heaven Palace Sects Handsome Offer
Chapter 382: Son of the Starry Sky
Chapter 381: Relics within the Bellies of the Mountain Peaks
Chapter 380: Sectmaster of the Yang Sect
Chapter 379: Key Figure
Chapter 378: Bloody Battles Between Humans and Demons!
Chapter 377: Enlightenment Derived from a Tool
Chapter 376: The Bloodline of An Ancient Magical Beast
Chapter 375: The Yin Sect and the Yang Sect
Chapter 374: Turbulences in the Realm of a Thousand Devastations
Chapter 373: A Deal with The Demons
Chapter 372: Secret
Chapter 371: Mass Invasion **festival feature included**
Chapter 370: Itching Desires
Chapter 369 The Heaven Palace Sect
Chapter 368: The Realm of Mystic Heaven
Chapter 367: A Large Demon Army
Chapter 366: Grand Star Formation
Chapter 365: The Sixth Demon Realm
Chapter 364: Rotspirit Ox
Chapter 363: Fall
Chapter 362: Discovery
Chapter 361: Demonsounds Bewitchment
Chapter 360: Attack!
Chapter 359: Spirit Beasts
Chapter 358: Mutant Spirit Beasts
Chapter 357: Seal!
Chapter 356: Forced to Join the Sect
Chapter 355: A Series of Shocks
Chapter 354: A Shred of Warmth
Chapter 353: Deep Disappointment
Chapter 352: Let Me Send You On Your Way!
Chapter 351: Unfortunate Men Must Have Detestable Qualities
Chapter 350: Sinner?
Chapter 349: Human Nature
Chapter 348: Return **Festival Feature Included**
Chapter 347: A Man Waiting
Chapter 346: News Spreads
Chapter 345: Appreciation
Chapter 344: Leave No Trouble for the Future!
Chapter 343: Three Parties Join Hands
Chapter 342: Flame Dragon Form
Chapter 341: Im Back!
Chapter 340: Phantasm
Chapter 339: Life Within the Meteor
Chapter 338: Unforeseen Circumstance
Chapter 337: Count Me In!
Chapter 336: You Actually Believe That?!
Chapter 335: Back Thrust
Chapter 334: Repeated Success!
Chapter 333: Youre A Dead Man Already!
Chapter 332: Escape
Chapter 331: Shi Huis Demand
Chapter 330: Demons, Phantasms, Bonebrutes, Fiends
Chapter 329: Cultivation Assistant
Chapter 328: Two Helpers
Chapter 327: Overcrowded Region
Chapter 326: Underground Relic
Chapter 325: Refining the Mark
Chapter 324: Contemplating the Profundity of Two Types of Essence
Chapter 323: Easy Fortune!
Chapter 322: Forbidden Region
Chapter 321: Despoil
Chapter 320: Traveling Together Again
Chapter 319: Star Stones
Chapter 318: Crisis Lurking in Dark Corners
Chapter 317: The Spirit Condor
Chapter 316: Clean Victory
Chapter 315: The Blood Fighting Pit
Chapter 314: The Tree May Desire Tranquility, But the Wind Will Not Stop
Chapter 313: Conflict
Chapter 312: Arrival of An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 311: Stern Criticism
Chapter 310: Changes in the Outside World
Chapter 309: Fake Identity
Chapter 308: Turn Back
Chapter 307: Stunning Battle Gains
Chapter 306: Meeting
Chapter 305: A Sudden Change in the Situation
Chapter 304: A Turn of Events
Chapter 303: Rip and Tear
Chapter 302: Trapped in Multiple Blockades
Chapter 301: New Siege!
Chapter 300: Short-range Shift
Chapter 299: Sensation
Chapter 298: Starshift!
Chapter 297: A Trap
Chapter 296: Strike Like a Shadow
Chapter 295: Fame Spread Far and Wide!
Chapter 294: Sudden Strike
Chapter 293: The Fang
Chapter 292: Spoiling Their Plans!
Chapter 291: New Findings
Chapter 290: Utter Humiliation
Chapter 289: Playing a Game
Chapter 288: Vicious Woman
Chapter 287: Ill Intentions
Chapter 286: The Prey
Chapter 285: Internal Strife
Chapter 284: Traveling in A Group
Chapter 283: Welcome to Join Us
Chapter 282: Starspark Formation
Chapter 281: Receiving Enlightenment from the Fragmentary Star Incantation
Chapter 280: Two People Who Share the Same Misfortune
Chapter 279: Strange Fluctuations
Chapter 278: Misunderstanding
Chapter 277: Secret Stronghold Under the Creek
Chapter 276: Dashing with A Beauty on His Back
Chapter 275: Supernatural Healing Ability!
Chapter 274: Burning Killing Intent
Chapter 273: Exerting Every Move
Chapter 272: Leaving
Chapter 271: The Opposite Result
Chapter 270: Mad Bombardment
Chapter 269: Sicko
Chapter 268: Another Turn of Events
Chapter 267: A One-sided Battle
Chapter 266: Midnight Raid
Chapter 265: A Drop in the Bucket
Chapter 264: The Greedy Aura
Chapter 263: Identity Medallion for A Guest Elder
Chapter 262: A Helping Hand
Chapter 261: A Secret Stronghold
Chapter 260: Surviving
Chapter 259: Escaping A Difficult Situation
Chapter 258: Call of the Soul
Chapter 257: Assassination
Chapter 256: Astounding Battle Prowess
Chapter 255: Entering the Heaven Stage!
Chapter 254: Shattering Shackles
Chapter 253: Turn
Chapter 252: A New Variation!
Chapter 251: Bloody Battles
Chapter 250: The World Is An Evil Place
Chapter 249: Some Rejoice While Others Gloom
Chapter 248: Leaving the City
Chapter 247: Three Attributes
Chapter 246: Practicing in the Next Level
Chapter 245: Cheater
Chapter 244: The Blood Skulls Headquarters
Chapter 243: Unfair Treatment
Chapter 242: The Most Subtle Changes
Chapter 241: Refining Beast Blood
Chapter 240: Great Fortune!
Chapter 239: A Monster in the Void Illusion Mountain Range
Chapter 238: Golden Stone Rhino
Chapter 237: Space Spirit Crystal!
Chapter 236: People Cant Get Rich without Luck
Chapter 235: He Is Mine!
Chapter 234: Unparalleled Strength!
Chapter 233: A Strange Stone Falls from the Heavens
Chapter 232: Ethereal Swords
Chapter 231: I Cant Believe That You Trusted A Woman
Chapter 230: The Void Illusion Mountain Range
Chapter 229: Torture
Chapter 228: The Realm of Split Void
Chapter 227: Pei Qiqi
Chapter 226: Shatter City
Chapter 225: The Tenth Realm in the Domain!
Chapter 224: Getting Away
Chapter 223: The Escort
Chapter 222: Three Great Rifts
Chapter 221: Disturbance Calms
Chapter 220: Peak Battle Prowess
Chapter 219: Bloodline Awakening
Chapter 218: Zelia
Chapter 217: Joining Forces
Chapter 216: The Ghost Sect
Chapter 215: Tragedy
Chapter 214: Green Aura
Chapter 213: Awakening of the Bloodline!
Chapter 212: Demon Driving Incantation
Chapter 211: Good Faith
Chapter 210: Key Factor
Chapter 209: Stealing a Disciple
Chapter 208: Turning the Situation Around
Chapter 207: Eternal Night!
Chapter 206: Demonizing
Chapter 205: Utterly Discomfited
Chapter 204: Rescued from A Desperate Situation
Chapter 203: Might of the Blood Demon
Chapter 202: Arriving in Time!
Chapter 201: Ill Go First!
Chapter 200: Strength of Another Level!
Chapter 199: Communication
Chapter 198: Seize the Opportunity
Chapter 197: The Seven Eyes
Chapter 196: Impression Overthrown
Chapter 195: High-Tier Outsider
Chapter 194: We Are Lucky to Have You
Chapter 193: Killing Machine!
Chapter 192: Awakening!
Chapter 191: Life Transfer
Chapter 190: Bone Blood Demon
Chapter 189: The Road Ahead Is Full of Danger
Chapter 188: Raging Demon Qi
Chapter 187: The Special One
Chapter 186: Another Step Forward!
Chapter 185: Ancient Teleportation Portal
Chapter 184: Survivor
Chapter 183: Seven Fragmentary Stars!
Chapter 182: Recovery of Flesh and Blood
Chapter 181: You Win!
Chapter 180: Dong Baijie
Chapter 179: Three Fragmentary Stars
Chapter 178: Soul Refining Magic!
Chapter 177: Nie Tian from the Realm of Flame Heaven!
Chapter 176: Superb Observation Skills
Chapter 175: I Want to Try!
Chapter 174: Bloody Fights
Chapter 173: Severing His Own Hand
Chapter 172: Evil Psychic Power
Chapter 171: Wu Ling from the Realm of Unbounded Desolation
Chapter 170: Super Quick Recovery!
Chapter 169: Su Lin from the Heaven Palace Sect
Chapter 168: Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace
Chapter 167: Chosen Ones from the Other Realms
Chapter 166: Another Breakthrough!
Chapter 165: Heaven Spark
Chapter 164: Enlightenment!
Chapter 163: Ill Remember You, Kid!
Chapter 162: Bloodline!
Chapter 161: A Change in Heart!
Chapter 160: Mysterious Symbols
Chapter 159: The Floating City
Chapter 158: Waiting for You to Enter!
Chapter 157: Corpses in the Starry Sky
Chapter 156: Heavy Casualties
Chapter 155: Exposed
Chapter 154: Fleeing
Chapter 153: Losing Total Control!
Chapter 152: Teaming Up
Chapter 151: Obtaining Recognition
Chapter 150: Meeting Yu Tong Again
Chapter 149: Gains
Chapter 148: Killing After A Struggle
Chapter 147: Chaotic Force!
Chapter 146: Ice Blast Pearl
Chapter 145: Crisis Approaches
Chapter 144: Cultivating Spiritual Incantations
Chapter 143: Corpse of an Outsider
Chapter 142: A Mysterious Dimension in the Starry Sky
Chapter 141: Demons Appear!
Chapter 140: The Heaven Gate Opens!
Chapter 139: The Hell Sect
Chapter 138: Deep Love!
Chapter 137: Twisted Magnetic Field
Chapter 136: Reentering the Mysterious Land!
Chapter 135: Wu Jis Worries
Chapter 134: A Temporary Calm
Chapter 133: Fighting off the Enemy
Chapter 132: The Strongest Man in the Realm of Flame Heaven
Chapter 131: Deep-seated Strength of the Hell Sect
Chapter 130: Contempt of the Hell Sect
Chapter 129: Snatching the Eligibility!
Chapter 128: Meteors that Descended from the Heavens!
Chapter 127: The Endless Road of Cultivation
Chapter 126: Reign of Terror
Chapter 125: Heaven Gate, Realm Gate, and Domain Gate
Chapter 124: Reappearance of the Strange Man
Chapter 123: Karma
Chapter 122: The Knack of Creating Wealth
Chapter 121: The Reappearance of the Thunder Beast
Chapter 120: Spirit Channeling Precious Treasure
Chapter 119: Great Calamities Are Always Followed by Great Fortunes
Chapter 118: Purgatory of Burning Lava
Chapter 117: A Catastrophe Looms!
Chapter 116: Soul Attack
Chapter 115: Captured Alive!
Chapter 114: A Fight That Has to Be Fought
Chapter 113: One Bad Thing After Another!
Chapter 112: Advancing to the Lesser Heaven Stage!
Chapter 111: Earth Flame Beast!
Chapter 110: Crystal Net at Earths Core
Chapter 109: Nie Tians Unruliness
Chapter 108: Hunter
Chapter 107: A Small Chance to Survive
Chapter 106: Returning to the Rightful Owner
Chapter 105: Guests from Another Realm
Chapter 104: Dead End
Chapter 103: Chaos
Chapter 102: The Ultimate Doom
Chapter 101: The Sky Changes
Chapter 100: Blood Moon in the Sky
Chapter 99: Nourishment from Flesh and Blood
Chapter 98: Resentment at Heart
Chapter 97: Flame Dragon Armor
Chapter 96: Enemies Are Always Hard to Avoid
Chapter 95: Youre My Sister Now
Chapter 94: The Spiritfount Pill
Chapter 93: Treasure Convention
Chapter 92: It Felt Like Centuries Have Passed
Chapter 91: Half a Year Passes
Chapter 90: The Ninth Realm of the Domain of the Falling Stars
Chapter 89: Tempering the Self
Chapter 88: Walking on the Clouds
Chapter 87: The Center of Attention
Chapter 86: The Result Is Now Certain
Chapter 85: Fighting over a Disciple!
Chapter 84: A Talent Scout Comes Knocking
Chapter 83: The Strife Inside the Clan
Chapter 82: Arriving Home
Chapter 81: Temporary Departure
Chapter 80: The Trial Ends
Chapter 79: Youre Still Alive?!
Chapter 78: Begrudging!
Chapter 77: The Insane Yu Tong!
Chapter 76: The Blood Constraint!
Chapter 75: Early Detection
Chapter 74: The Blood Sects Earth Web
Chapter 73: Youre the Worst!
Chapter 72: Patching A Lie
Chapter 71: Seizing the Opportunity to Cultivate
Chapter 70: The Chance to Talk
Chapter 69: Back to the Starting Point
Chapter 68: Blood Cocoon Incantation
Chapter 67: Giant Shadow in the Void!
Chapter 66: Like an Unwavering Mountain
Chapter 65: The Real and Unreal Yuan Fengs
Chapter 64: Kill!
Chapter 63: The Eighth Level of Qi Refining!
Chapter 62: Drastic Turn of Events
Chapter 61: Ancient Underground Palace
Chapter 60: A Tremendous Crisis
Chapter 59: Slash!
Chapter 58: Battle of Psychic Power!
Chapter 57: Risky Cultivation
Chapter 56: Leaving The Team
Chapter 55: Reversal of the Wheel of Fate
Chapter 54: Help From The Heavens
Chapter 53: The Energy Is Seven Times Richer!
Chapter 52: The Might of One Punch!
Chapter 51: Signal for Help
Chapter 50: Another Layer of Shadow
Chapter 49: One More Casualty
Chapter 48: Traces of the Ghost Sect
Chapter 47: Days of Incomparable Satisfaction
Chapter 46: Is There More?
Chapter 45: A Feud Begins
Chapter 44: Yuan Feng From the Grayvale Sect
Chapter 43: Settling The Victory
Chapter 42: Were I Wrong, Take My Life!
Chapter 41: Iceclaw Monkey
Chapter 40: First Display of Talent
Chapter 39: The Inner Conflict!
Chapter 38: Fierce Fight!
Chapter 37: The Ghost Sect and Blood Sect
Chapter 36: Green Illusion Dimension
Chapter 35: The Surging Undercurrent
Chapter 34: The Trial
Chapter 33: A Command Medallion From Out of Nowhere
Chapter 32: A Style of Punching!
Chapter 31: Unswayed
Chapter 30: Li Fans Incitement!
Chapter 29: Strike With Anothers Power
Chapter 28: The Sectmaster Visits!
Chapter 27: A Major Stir
Chapter 26: The Epiphany
Chapter 25: A Different Place
Chapter 24: Burned to Ashes
Chapter 23: Not Leaving a Single Trace
Chapter 22: An Impasse
Chapter 21: Advancing by Leaps and Bounds
Chapter 20: Collapse
Chapter 19: Mine #73
Chapter 18: A Bottomless Pit
Chapter 17: A Drop of Blood
Chapter 16: The Fire-consuming Animal Bone
Chapter 15: Interloper
Chapter 14: Reappearance of the Strange Power!
Chapter 13: Another Conflict
Chapter 12: The Inconstant Nature of People
Chapter 11: The Miraculous Dreamland
Chapter 10: The Fever Subsides
Chapter 9: A Foreign Doctor
Chapter 8: Outbreak of a Strange Disease
Chapter 7: The Price of Victory
Chapter 6: An Unknown Force
Chapter 5: Undefeated Record
Chapter 4: Liu Yans Confusion
Chapter 3: The Vilest Event in the History of Nie Clan!
Chapter 2: Lot-drawing Convention
Chapter 1: An Unstable Situation