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Chapter 605 - Bros

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As one of the known champions of Winterhold, Wulfur's reputation was only overshadowed by the existence of his sworn brother Jon. But in Jorrvaskr of the Companions, Wulfur may have garnered a lot of fame and honor as one of the braves that serve the People of Skyrim.

Mostly called "s.h.i.+eld-Brother" by everyone from the lowest to the highest ranks among the Companions, Wulfur's position was the highest outside the Circle Members. He chose not to join the Circle of the Companions which is an underground society for Werewolves.

This decision made Wulfur much closer to people like Kodlak Grey-Mane, the Harbinger of the Companions, and the brothers Farkas and Vilkas.

Helping the people, hunting in the woods, wrestling in the river, attaining serenity through meditating in the calm nature of the forests and waterfalls around Whiterun. All this and that may have finally made Wulfur realize something about himself in this tranquility if not for…

"Ma Maaaan!"

… Jon dropping by.

Like a force of nature, Jon and his cat went around causing the organized stuff to fall down and the calm atmosphere to be chased away. Looking at Jon as he came over, Wulfur could still feel something unsettling.

Jon keeps growing stronger.

Ridiculously stronger.

Previously, Jon and Wulfur could stand on equal footing for some time but the more time pa.s.ses by, the faster Jon grows accustomed to his Dragon Soul and Blood. A mortal like Wulfur who is only a tad bit more talented than your average Joe started hitting walls long ago yet Jon is still breaking through the ranks.

"You have reached the peak level of the Thunder Heart?" Wulfur asked as Jon got closer.

"You can feel it too?" Jon asked as he checked himself, "It is impossible to hide it now."

"You killed a Dragon lately?" Wulfur asked.

"Yes. I heard about a rogue Dragon in Hjaalmarch so I pursued it for a week until I trapped it near the Lord Stone not too far from the Shrine of Dagon. It was a good fight." Jon nodded as he dragged a barrel to sit on.

Currently, the two of them were not in Whiterun but rather in front of a wood cabinet which Jon ordered built near the White River overlooking the view of Whiterun hold and the White River.

The cabinet was surely a good place for training.

"Beowulf has sent you this." Jon retrieved something from his storage and showed it to Wulfur.

Once Wulfur saw it, he couldn't help but grin widely.

"He broke his first wooden sword." Wulfur asked as he retrieved his son's toy from Jon.

"Boy's a beast for kids his age. You sure he's just 4?" Jon laughed.

"You'll know once you have kids of your own one day. Kids are beasts the day they are born." Wulfur laughed as he tried putting the broken sword together.

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