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Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress

Author: MS Lotus

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Updated: 2021-09-08 00:19:10

Latest chapter: Chapter 658: Face-To-Face Confrontation Reveals The Truth

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《Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress》Latest chapter
Chapter 658: Face-To-Face Confrontation Reveals The Truth
Chapter 657: Identity Revelation Frightened Everyone
Chapter 656: Annulling The Engagemen
Chapter 655: Doing Justice To My Beloved Girl
Chapter 654: Perfect Substitution
Chapter 653: Meal With A Hidden Agenda
Chapter 652: The Great Beauty
Chapter 651: The Appearance Of Powerful Enemy
Chapter 650: Finished And Don't Want To Take Responsibility?
Chapter 649: The Hero Saved The Beauty And Love Brought Them Together
Chapter 648: Love That Comes So Late
Chapter 647: Getting Drunk Late At Nigh
《Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress》' main text
Chapter 658: Face-To-Face Confrontation Reveals The Truth
Chapter 657: Identity Revelation Frightened Everyone
Chapter 656: Annulling The Engagemen
Chapter 655: Doing Justice To My Beloved Girl
Chapter 654: Perfect Substitution
Chapter 653: Meal With A Hidden Agenda
Chapter 652: The Great Beauty
Chapter 651: The Appearance Of Powerful Enemy
Chapter 650: Finished And Don't Want To Take Responsibility?
Chapter 649: The Hero Saved The Beauty And Love Brought Them Together
Chapter 648: Love That Comes So Late
Chapter 647: Getting Drunk Late At Nigh
Chapter 646: Ye Lingyue's Natal Dan Fire
Chapter 645: Unusual Fire: Cyan Hell Fire
Chapter 644: The Unusual Skill Of Swallowing Hundreds Of Fire
Chapter 643: Ye Lingyue Witnessed The Spiritual Melting
Chapter 642: I Will Take Responsibility For The Past, Present And Future Of Her
Chapter 641: Treatment? Sucking With The Mouth?
Chapter 640: A Hard Choice Between Feng Shen And Wu Chong
Chapter 639: Long Baobao's Small Wish
Chapter 638: The Changed Spiritual Artifac
Chapter 637: A High-Level Earth Grade Spiritual Artifac
Chapter 636: The Man's Reaction
Chapter 635: Expressing Love
Chapter 634: An Awakening Slap In The Face
Chapter 633: The Secret Of The Long Family
Chapter 632: Becoming Doubtful About The Real Face Of The Ghost Emperor
Chapter 631: A Complete Reversal
Chapter 630: The Spirit Of The Fire
Chapter 629: The Tricky Girl
Chapter 628: An Assassin In The Realm Of Reincarnation
Chapter 627: Difference Between Men And Women
Chapter 626: Flying Into A Rage For A Woman
Chapter 625: Fighting Back Nicely
Chapter 624: Someone Good At Playing Tricks
Chapter 623: Scrambling For Credits
Chapter 622: The Under-The-Table Agreemen
Chapter 621: The Handsome And Powerful Man
Chapter 620: The Interrupted Enjoymen
Chapter 619: Role Play Of Parents
Chapter 618: About The Problem Of Sleeping Together
Chapter 617: Ms. Ye Was The Wolf Grandma Trying To Kidnap Children
Chapter 616: A Bleeding Nose
Chapter 615: Quarrelsome Lovers
Chapter 614: The World's Top Weapon-Maker
Chapter 613: The Long Family Famous For Weapon Making
Chapter 612: The Fourth One Of The 13 Needles Of The Ghost Sec
Chapter 611: There Appeared The High-Level Task
Chapter 610: Someone Sleeping Beside In The Deep Nigh
Chapter 609: The Destiny Of Green Hands
Chapter 608: Secret Jealousy
Chapter 607: Scrambling For Women
Chapter 606: Whose Old Lover
Chapter 605: The Ugly Girl Has Medical Skills
Chapter 604: Ugly Women V.S. Pretty Women
Chapter 603: Something About The Young Ghost Emperor
Chapter 602: The City Of Mercenaries
Chapter 601: A Surprising Breakthrough
Chapter 600: Testing The Star Energy
Chapter 599: Hehuan Cul
Chapter 598: Heading For New Territory
Chapter 597: Looking For A Woman Called Ye Lingyue
Chapter 596: The Crisis Facing Marquis Yue
Chapter 595: Opportunity For Combining Two Into One
Chapter 594: Marvelous Medical Skills
Chapter 593: A Slap In The Face
Chapter 592: The Mysterious Star Energy
Chapter 591: Teaching The Malicious Owner And Server A Good Lesson
Chapter 590: Quarrel In The Street, Another Encounter With The Miracle-Working Doctor
Chapter 589: The Terrible Pas
Chapter 588: Jealous Of The Future Son-In-Law
Chapter 587: Harm Set, Harm Ge
Chapter 586: A Drama Played By The Bitchy Man And Woman In The Toile
Chapter 585: You Don't Qualify As Her Father
Chapter 584: She Was The Descendant Of Gods
Chapter 583: The Embarrassing Encounter With The Father-In-Law
Chapter 582: The True Color Of The Apparently Harmless Girl
Chapter 581: Trouble Brought Home
Chapter 580: The Medicine Buddha Yun Sheng
Chapter 579: The Mother And The Daughter First Met On The Wedding Day
Chapter 578: Bad Bamboo Had Good Bamboo Shoots
Chapter 577: Dogfigh
Chapter 576: Visiting The Prisoners Rupture
Chapter 575
Chapter 574
Chapter 573: Proposal
Chapter 572: The First Female Marquis
Chapter 571: The End Of Hong Family Part 2
Chapter 570: The End Of Hong Family Part 1
Chapter 569: The Gift From North Qing
Chapter 568: Strike And Win: Feng And Xia Cooperation
Chapter 567
Chapter 566
Chapter 565: The Hong Manor Is Doomed
Chapter 564: The Ghost Sect Strikes And The Tide Is Turned
Chapter 563: Chaos In Da Xia – The Revolt Of The Hongs
Chapter 562: First Place Of The Imperial Contes
Chapter 561: Final Battle — Winning Hong Ming Yue By One Attack
Chapter 560
Chapter 559
Chapter 558
Chapter 557: The Dark Horse On The Imperial Contes
Chapter 555: Scapegoat Ghost Emperor
Chapter 554: Lord Of Dan Palace Gone Mad
Chapter 553: First Level Heaven And Earth Tribulation
Chapter 552
Chapter 551
Chapter 550
Chapter 549
Chapter 548: Clash Into Reincarnation Realm
Chapter 547
Chapter 546: Riotous Hong Manor
Chapter 545
Chapter 544
Chapter 543: Primitive Heaven And Earth Tribulation
Chapter 542
Chapter 541
Chapter 540
Chapter 539
Chapter 538: Will King Feng Die?
Chapter 537: Crisis! Demon Appeared!
Chapter 536
Chapter 535: Go! For The Dignity Of Male Beas
Chapter 534
Chapter 533
Chapter 532
Chapter 531
Chapter 530 “Ye Ling Yue's Treasure Grab”
Chapter 529 “The Legend Pertaining To The Bow”
Chapter 528 “The Divine Weapon”
Chapter 527 “Heaven Rank Artifact Surfaces ”
Chapter 526 “The Unkillable Monsters”
Chapter 525 “The Monsters Inside The Chamber”
Chapter 524 “The Mysterious Second Cave Tunnel”
Chapter 523 “Swift Finger's Sect, Great Steal Technique ”
Chapter 522 “Strange Number, Thirty-One ”
Chapter 521 “Third Cave Tunnel ”
Chapter 520 “Feng Shen's Illness”
Chapter 519 “Dan Golem ”
Chapter 518 “Ling Yue's Missing! ”
Chapter 517 “The Second Ninth Realm Dan Pill
Chapter 516 “The First Ninth Realm Reincarnation Dan Pill ”
Chapter 515 “The Inner Split Of The Da Xia Team”
Chapter 514 “A Tooth For A Tooth, Retaliation”
Chapter 513 “Cheat The Sky Armor Sect To Death ”
Chapter 512 “Into The Star Cave ”
Chapter 511 “Another Blockbuster ”
Chapter 510 “Blockbustering Display Of Ability! ”
Chapter 509 “Their Mutual Understanding”
Chapter 508 “Nine Jade Tablets”
Chapter 507 “Five Person Team ”
Chapter 506 “The Deliciously Delectable”
Chapter 505 “Confrontation ”
Chapter 504 “Chen Hong Ru Wants To Meet Her
Chapter 503 “The Hot Potato Whom Everyone Wants
Chapter 502 “Five Very Different Reincarnation Pill
Chapter 501 “Flexing Of One's Powers Within The Alchemy Contes
Chapter 500 “The Burning Jealousy Of The Females
Chapter 499 “Civil Selection And Old Vendetta's ”
Chapter 498 “Jaw Dropping Beauty 1 ”
Chapter 497 “Another Ye Ling Yue
Chapter 496 “Feng Shen's Childhood
Chapter 495 “Cook For Her
Chapter 494 “Breaking The Engagement ”
Chapter 493 “The Plot Of Cultivating The Phoenix Manor's Next Mistress
Chapter 492 “Do You Like Wu Chong? 1 ”
Chapter 491 “His Domineering Side 2 ”
Chapter 490 “The Fiancée Is Here
Chapter 489 “The Phoenix Manor's Future Mistress
Chapter 488 “His Wife?
Chapter 487 “Their Own Little World
Chapter 486 “A Lovely Reception
Chapter 485 “A Different Kind Of Love Pledge
Chapter 484 “Super Cutey Little Phoeni
Chapter 483 “The Divine Thief's Inheritance Lower Half
Chapter 482
Chapter 481
Chapter 480
Chapter 479
Chapter 478
Chapter 477
Chapter 476
Chapter 475
Chapter 474
Chapter 473 “The Mistress Of The Phoenix Manor
Chapter 472 “The Invitation From North Qing
Chapter 471 “Who's More Arrogant?
Chapter 470 “Daredevil Stealing The Phoenix Blood
Chapter 469 “One Of The Three Great Schools: Immortal Jade Garden
Chapter 468 “A Woman With A Dark Enough Heart And A Thick Enough Face
Chapter 467 “Born Beautifully Seductive
Chapter 464 “Almost Something Happened!
Chapter 463 “Healing The Messy Hearted Girl
Chapter 462 “The Evil Wu Chong
Chapter 461 “Feng Shen's Request For Medicine
Chapter 460 “The Fiancé That Came Out Of Nowhere”
Chapter 459 “An Unexpected Encounter Again”
Chapter 458 “The Hypothetical Relationship Between Feng Shen And Wu Chong”
Chapter 457 “The Scourge Of The Millennium”
Chapter 456 “City Lord: Yan Jiu”
Chapter 455 “Outbreak Of Conflict”
Chapter 454 “Treasure Boy”
Chapter 453 “Hong Ming Yue's Humiliation”
Chapter 452 “The Man With A Vicious Tongue”
Chapter 451 “The Big Show”
Chapter 450 “Secret Discovery”
Chapter 449 “Her Strength”
Chapter 448 “A Thief Who Came To Steal Business”
Chapter 447 “Feng Shen's Target”
Chapter 446 “Feng Shen's Big Gift”
Chapter 445 “North Qing's Royalty”
Chapter 444 “Mutation Of Her Black Cauldron: Cauldron Of Carnage”
Chapter 443 “Healing Porridge”
Chapter 442 “The Dark Horse”
Chapter 441 “Male Beauty? Old Acquaintance?”
Chapter 440 “What An Unscrupulous Saleswoman”
Chapter 439 “A Random Windfall”
Chapter 438 “The Amazing Exchange Office”
Chapter 437 “Underground City #9”
Chapter 436 “The Ghost Emperor's Nest?”
Chapter 435 “Secret Ultra Weapon”
Chapter 434 “It's All The Fault Of Her Core”
Chapter 433 “The Younger Wu Chong”
Chapter 432 “Wu Chong's Feelings”
Chapter 431 “Crisis, Old Lord Hong's Rage”
Chapter 430 “The World Is So Big, Yet I Was Blind Enough To Have You In My Eye”
Chapter 429 “Its Healthier To Be Tortured (4)”
Chapter 428 “Its Healthier To Be Tortured (4)”
Chapter 427 “Its Healthier To Be Tortured (3)”
Chapter 426 “Its Healthier To Be Tortured (2)”
Chapter 425 “Its Healthier To Be Tortured (1)”
Chapter 424 “A Divorce Letter For Mother”
Chapter 423 “Hong Fang, You're Not Even A Man”
Chapter 422 “The King's Needs Her!”
Chapter 421 “Re-Engage? Dream On!”
Chapter 420 “No Option For Help”
Chapter 419 “Demonic Energy”
Chapter 418 “A Shorter Pain Is Better Than A Long Pain”
Chapter 417 “Father To Daughter, Sister To Sister”
Chapter 416 “The Hong House's Other Daughter”
Chapter 415 “Their Background Is Powerful”
Chapter 414 “Shock The Court”
Chapter 413 “Only She Can Be My Woman!”
Chapter 412 “Possessive Tyranny”
Chapter 411 “Love Or Ill-Fated?”
Chapter 410 “Another Miraculous Cauldron”
Chapter 409 “North Qing's Number One Alchemist”
Chapter 408 “Extortion”
Chapter 407 “The Visitor From North Qing”
Chapter 406 “Reunion”
Chapter 405 “Snatch Up The Earth Class Spirit Artifact”
Chapter 404 “Her Big Chance”
Chapter 403 “A Survivor”
Chapter 402 “Ye Huang Yu's Confession (3)”
Chapter 401 “Ye Huang Yu's Confession (2)”
Chapter 400 “Ye Huang Yu's Confession (1)”
Chapter 399 “Deceptive Plan And Accidental Discovery”
Chapter 398 “Meeting In The Narrow Path”
Chapter 397 “Refining The Dark Matters”
Chapter 396 “The Source Of The Disease”
Chapter 395 “The Same Conditions As Feng Shen”
Chapter 394 “Win The Soldiers Heart, Win The World”
Chapter 393 “First Confrontation Between Her Scoundrel Of A Father”
Chapter 392 “Last Strand Of Hope”
Chapter 391 “The Bad News”
Chapter 390 “Inheritor Of Their Will”
Chapter 389 “Time Of The Animals”
Chapter 388 “Kidnapping A Defender General”
Chapter 387 “Beastmaster Of The Ancient Forest”
Chapter 386 “The Consequences Of Offending A Woman”
Chapter 385 “Identity Suspected”
Chapter 384 “The First Battle Alchemist Battalion”
Chapter 383 “City Of Wonders, Moon City!”
Chapter 382 “Selling Out Her Teammate”
Chapter 381 “The Challenger Has Appeared”
Chapter 380 “Taking In An Old Aged Brother”
Chapter 379 “The Ranking Rose Again”
Chapter 378 “Destroy The Evil Cult”
Chapter 377 “Execution Stage, The Battle Of Good And Evil”
Chapter 376 “Mini Qiu Tian”
Chapter 375 “Mysterious Fire”
Chapter 374 “Military Order, The Brave Shall Be Rewarded”
Chapter 373 “Throwing A Jealous Tantrum”
Chapter 372 “The Legendary Existence”
Chapter 371 “Qing Continent's Dan Ranking Board”
Chapter 370 “The Continent's Ranking Board”
Chapter 369 “Scourge Of The Millenium”
Chapter 368 “The First Battle After The Breakthrough”
Chapter 367 “The Oddball Chaotic Core”
Chapter 366 “Direct Confrontation, Who's More Vicious?”
Chapter 365 “Evil Alchemists”
Chapter 364 “Counterfeit Drug Incident”
Chapter 363 “Truth Or Hypocrisy”
Chapter 362 “The Opportunity Of Breaking Into The Dan Realm”
Chapter 361 “Who's More Crooked?”
Chapter 360 “Vicious Bitch”
Chapter 359 “Big Gift”
Chapter 358 “Vigorous New Policies”
Chapter 357 “Killing Takes Only One Word”
Chapter 356 “World Phenomenon”
Chapter 355 “The Dan Dragon Phenomenon!”
Chapter 354 “The Test Of The Blood Cauldron”
Chapter 353 “Battle For The Chief Position”
Chapter 352 “Display Of Strength!”
Chapter 351 “Dan City's Newest Boss”
Chapter 350 “Disfigured In Order To Avoid The Scum”
Chapter 349 “The Nonsense Show”
Chapter 348 “Revival Of The Monster Underground”
Chapter 347 “Rebirth Of The Carnivorous Plant Qiu Tian”
Chapter 346 “The Sky Shattering Tribulation Trial”
Chapter 345 “Make Up”
Chapter 344 “Feng Shen Vs Wu Chong”
Chapter 343 “Returning It To The Owner”
Chapter 342 “A Stepfather Candidate”
Chapter 341 “Qiu Tian's Tribulation”
Chapter 340 “Primal Flower”
Chapter 339 “Tai Yi' School's Technique”
Chapter 338 “Perfect Hunting”
Chapter 337 “The Three Great Schools And Nine Sects”
Chapter 336 “A Mass Murderer”
Chapter 335 “He's Awake”
Chapter 334 “Little Squeak's Unusual Behavior”
Chapter 333 “Dangerous Territory, Black Valley”
Chapter 332 “A Big Figure's Valet Is Still A Big Figure”
Chapter 331 “The 'He' Inside His Body”
Chapter 330 “He's Very Active”
Chapter 329 Chapter 329 “Drugged”
Chapter 328 “The Little Affair Inside The Carriage”
Chapter 327 “Hiring A Mercenary Corps”
Chapter 326 “The Irresistible Decree”
Chapter 325 “General Tiger Wolf Nie Feng Hang”
Chapter 324 “The New Ye Huang Yu”
Chapter 323 “The Northwest Army's Barracks”
Chapter 322 “Lovey Dovey Will Only Make You Die Faster (2)”
Chapter 321 “Lovey Dovey Will Only Make You Die Faster”
Chapter 320 “Dan City”
Chapter 319 “The Disturbance In The Northwest”
Chapter 318 “She Could Be A Civilian Leader Figure”
Chapter 317 “Main Son And Bastard Son”
Chapter 316 “Sha Sect's Destruction!”
Chapter 315 “Hello Sect Leader, Goodbye Sect Leader”
Chapter 314 “Visitation, Abuse For The Health”
Chapter 313 “Filial Son Vs Wicked Woman”
Chapter 312 “Those That Faint And Those That Go Mad”
Chapter 311 “The Crown Prince's Scandal, Exposed!”
Chapter 310 “Kill The Monster”
Chapter 309 “The Fish Bites The Bait”
Chapter 308 “When The Scums Are Ready”
Chapter 307 “Business Opportunity”
Chapter 306 “Pa-Pa, What A Slap!”
Chapter 305 “Exchanging Blows Between Sisters (2)”
Chapter 304 “Exchanging Blows Between Sisters (1)”
Chapter 303 “The Future Female General”
Chapter 302 “Da Xia's Number One Evil Girl”
Chapter 301 “A Cruel Tiger”
Chapter 300 “The Battle Of The Two Princess Yue”
Chapter 299 “Becoming A Princess”
Chapter 298 “Wrestling With The Wicked Consort (2)”
Chapter 297 “Wrestling With The Wicked Consort (1)”
Chapter 296 “Handsome Feng Shen's Two Faced Confession”
Chapter 295 “Triangle Relationship”
Chapter 294 “Struck By The Love Fairy”
Chapter 293 “Another Marriage Proposer”
Chapter 292 “Upgrading Of The Pocket Dimension”
Chapter 291 “One Year Vow”
Chapter 290 “Cripple You”
Chapter 289 “The Three Life Song”
Chapter 288 “Entry Of The Number One Genius: Hong Ming Yue!”
Chapter 287 “Poised For Battle!”
Chapter 286 “A Flirting Couple”
Chapter 285 “Her Consolation Prize”
Chapter 284 “A Great Flash Of Anger For That Great Beauty”
Chapter 283 “Combination Of Women And Villain”
Chapter 282 “He And Her Difficulties”
Chapter 281 “I Won't Be Scared”
Chapter 280 “Underground Palace”
Chapter 279 “Bo Qing Vs Little Squeak”
Chapter 278 “Be His Slave Girl”
Chapter 277 “That Face Underneath The Mask”
Chapter 276 “The Love That Hates”
Chapter 275 “A Man, A Woman, A Sissy Boy”
Chapter 274 “Sky Class Artifact, Wu Chong's Making His Move”
Chapter 273 “The Millennial Secret”
Chapter 272 “Number One Spendthrift”
Chapter 271 “Who's The Real Witch?”
Chapter 270 “Chop Hand Or Save Your Own Life, Pick One”
Chapter 269 “The Sacred Treasures”
Chapter 268 “Good Character”
Chapter 267 “Disarming Pool, Terrifying Staircase”
Chapter 266 “Accidental Discovery”
Chapter 265 “Guardian Spirit Beast”
Chapter 264 “One Is Sick, One Is Jealous”
Chapter 263 “Herb Field”
Chapter 262 “Opening The Secret Territory”
Chapter 261 “Picking On The Small”
Chapter 260 “North Qing's New God Of War”
Chapter 259 “Reencounter A Pair Of Assholes”
Chapter 258 “The Scourge Of The Millennium”
Chapter 257 “Emergence Of The Demonic Coven”
Chapter 256 “A Witch”
Chapter 255 “Thunder Beast And The Mysterious Person In Red”
Chapter 254 “Tai Yi Secret Territory”
Miracle Doctor Chapter 253 Chapter 253 “Marry You As A Side Consort”
Chapter 252 “Piece Of The Map”
Chapter 251 “She's On Top, And He's Below”
Chapter 250 “Feng Shen's About To Die!”
Chapter 249 “A Gentlemen Pursues A Fair Sweet Lady”
Chapter 248 “Quick Finger Sect”
Chapter 247 “The Changes In The Red Mist Sky”
Chapter 246 “A Man Is Invincible When He Is Cheap”
Chapter 245 “Love At First Sight”
Chapter 244 “His Big Favor”
Chapter 243 “The Duel Of The Both Generals”
Chapter 242 “It's Time For The Battle Of Daddy's”
Chapter 241 “Making A False Countercharge”
Chapter 240 “Blow One Means One”
Chapter 239 “Emergence Of The Reincarnation Dan Pill: Super Revival Of The Salted Fish”
Chapter 238 “Who's The Number One On The Roster List?
Chapter 237 “The Secret Within The Iron Scripture”
Chapter 236 “Cutie Pet's Big Transformation”
Chapter 235 “Test Trial Of The Sixth Rank Martial Technique”
Chapter 234 “Revenge”
Chapter 233 “Animalistic Ex-Husband”
Chapter 232 “Meteor Iron Scripture, The Test Of The Old Monk
Chapter 231 “Member Of Buddhism”
Chapter 230 “I Just Have More Money, What Of It?”
Chapter 229 “Asshole Daddy, You Are Here Too?
Chapter 228 “Blockbustering Ability Dan Pill”
Chapter 227 “Bestowment: A Drop Of Qilin Blood”
Chapter 226 “Late Night Visitors, Who Are They?”
Chapter 225 “The Secret Inside Ye Ling Yue's Body”
Chapter 224 “Measuring Destiny”
Chapter 223 “A Madwoman Or A Genius”
Chapter 222 “Excluded”
Chapter 221 “Refinement, Ability Dan Pills”
Chapter 220 “Goddess Or A Witch”
Chapter 219 “Hush Money”
Chapter 218 “Framing The Old Hag”
Chapter 217 “The One To Help Get Even Is Here”
Chapter 216 “Little Phoenix's Might”
Chapter 215 “Counterattack: Suck Him Dry!”
Chapter 214 “Dare Humiliate Me?”
Chapter 213 “I'm A Third Rank, What's Yours?”
Chapter 212 “Sore Spot: Touch And Die!”
Chapter 211 “The Other Side Of Feng Shen”
Chapter 210 “A Similar Story”
Chapter 209 “The Poison Specialist”
Chapter 208 “The Phoenix Lord Is Gay?”
Chapter 207 “Who Dares To Touch My Mistress's Man”
Chapter 206 “Feng Beauty Belongs To My Boss”
Chapter 205 “Underground Auction”
Chapter 204 “Old Monster Level Existence”
Chapter 203 “Dare Hurt My Men?!”
Chapter 202 “Emergence Of The Earth Class Treasure”
Chapter 201 “Three Fight Three Win”
Chapter 200 “Superior Quality Vs Superior Quality”
Chapter 199 “Duel, Battle Of The Court Alchemists (Part Two)”
Chapter 198 “Duel, Battle Of The Court Alchemists (Part One)”
Chapter 197 “Alchemist Of The Court”
Chapter 196 “Enchanting Consort”
Chapter 195 “Natural Born Plaything”
Chapter 194 “Promotion, Third Rank Princess”
Chapter 193 “The Premonition Of The Rainbow Peony”
Chapter 192 “Oh No, A Crime Worthy Of Beheading”
Chapter 191 “The Language Of The Ghost Sect's Thirteen Needle”
Chapter 190 “The Battle Of Bitches At The Flower Gazing Party”
Chapter 189 “A Dirty Hobby”
Chapter 188 “Knocking At The Wrong Door”
Chapter 187 “Cheat You And Frame You”
Chapter 186 “The Hangover Pill Crisis”
Chapter 185 “Self-Carrying Cheating Artifact”
Chapter 184 “Thousand Cup Immunity, How To Break?”
Chapter 183 “I Will Join You In The Competition”
Chapter 182 “Drinking Contest? Or A Face Off?
Chapter 181 “Entry Of The Male Idols!”
Chapter 180 “Drunken Immortal”
Chapter 179 “Wine Shop Opening”
Chapter 178 “Me And You, Alliance”
Chapter 177 “Misery Competition? That's Nothing”
Chapter 176 “Vicious Means”
Chapter 175 “Artificial Disease”
Chapter 174 “Da Xia's Sixth Prince”
Chapter 173 “Can't Poison You To Death? Then I Will Scare You To Death”
Chapter 172 “A Trip To The Palace.
Chapter 171 “Fatter, I Like It”
Chapter 170 “Sharing The Same Bed”
Chapter 169 “Mother's Decision”
Chapter 168 “Marquis Wu's Entry”
Chapter 167 “Personal Visit By The Ghost Emperor”
Chapter 166 “A Out Of The Blue Confession”
Chapter 165 “Saving Mother”
Chapter 164 “Only For You Will I Comb Someone's Hair”
Chapter 163 “The Handsome Phoenix Inside The Hot Spring”
Chapter 162 “A Smart And Shitty Father Part 2”
Chapter 161 “A Smart And Shitty Father Part 1”
Chapter 160 “Ye Huang Yu's Assassination Attempt”
Chapter 159 “Father And Daughter Reunion
Chapter 158 “Titled Princess”
Chapter 157 “Talent Showcase”
Chapter 156 “The Trouble With The Fake Cosmetic Dan Pill”
Chapter 155 “Banquet In The Palace”
Chapter 154 “Missing Mother”
Chapter 153 “Precious Fifth Rank Steed”
Chapter 152 “Phoenix Talent”
Chapter 151 “Self-Exploding Egg”
Chapter 150 “Shame The Shameless”
Chapter 149 “The Little Ace Of Egg Picking”
Chapter 148 “The Mother And Daughter Pair”
Chapter 147 “Sir Qing”
Chapter 146 “Caught Red Handed”
Chapter 145 “The Good-Oh Step Brother”
Chapter 144 “The Finest Of The Privilege Class”
Chapter 143 “Injustice On The Road”
Chapter 142 “A Crow Or A Phoenix?”
Chapter 141 “Grand Martial Hall”
Chapter 140 “I Beg You, Please Be My Disciple”
Chapter 139 “Master Longyue, The Old Urchin”
Chapter 138 “Accidental Trespassing”
Chapter 137 “I'll Let You See Blood”
Chapter 136“A Bunch Of Scumbags”
Chapter 135 “The Art Of Poison”
Chapter 134 “Establishment Of The Ghost Sect”
Chapter 133 “Ye Ling Yue's Grand Plan”
Chapter 132 “Dull And Clueless Bodyguard”
Chapter 131 “Departure To The Capital”
Chapter 130 “Stay At Home Daddy”
Chapter 129 “Replacement Incubator”
Chapter 128 “I Hear The Ghost Emperor Is Very Ugly”
Chapter 127 “I'm Not Small, Just Young!”
Chapter 126 “Eradication Of The Mountain Sea Gang”
Chapter 125 “Into Danger”
Chapter 124 “Ransacked The Vault”
Chapter 123 “Caught Red Handed”
Chapter 122 “The Missing Iron Ores”
Chapter 121 “Amazing Skill, Blink Shield”
Chapter 120 “Ninety-Nine Paper Cranes”
Chapter 119 “The Phoenix Lord's Gift”
Chapter 118 “To Be Close Friends”
Chapter 117 “Confession”
Chapter 116 “Shocking Level Up”
Chapter 115 “There's A Person Hidden Inside His Body!”
Chapter 114 “Omg, The Wine Killed Him!”
Chapter 113 “The Rainbow Five Treasure Wine”
Chapter 112 “Red Mist Sky Level Two, Rainbow Creek”
Chapter 111 “The Water Elemental Cauldron Fragment”
Chapter 110 “He's Got Some Skill”
Chapter 109 “My First Kiss Been Stolen!”
Chapter 108 “I'm Only A Thug And A Scoundrel To You”
Chapter 107 “A Pair Of Shameless Cp”
Chapter 106 “Emperor Class Martial Technique”
Chapter 105 “Haggling Terms With The Sacred Beast”
Chapter 104 “Save The Sick Egg”
Chapter 103 “The Enraged Sacred Beasts”
Chapter 102 “Immortal Tree”
Chapter 101 “The Phoenix Nest”
Chapter 100 “Another Him”
Chapter 99 “Crisis In The Camp”
Chapter 98 “Teach The Pigheaded Lady An A Lesson”
Chapter 97 “Farsight Ability”
Chapter 96 “Poison You, Then Make A Bet”
Chapter 95 “The Might Of The Phoenix Lord”
Chapter 94 “The Legend About The Dream Cloud Marsh”
Chapter 93 “The Useless And Poor Founder”
Chapter 92 “The Apparition Of The Ancestors”
Chapter 91 “Da Xia's Number One Alchemist, Ye Nameless”
Chapter 90 “Yellow Class Weapon: Demon Ghost Miasma”
Chapter 89 “Battle The Evil Alchemist”
Chapter 88 “Testing The Spirit Force” (Part Two)
Chapter 87 “Testing The Spirit Force” (Part One)
Chapter 86 “Super Iron: Moon Iron”
Chapter 85 “Win”
Chapter 84 “Smelting Conference” (Part Three)
Chapter 83 “Smelting Conference” (Part Two)
Chapter 82 “Smelting Conference” (Part One)
Chapter 81 “On Behalf Of The Ye Family In The Contest”
Chapter 80 “The Paper Crane Has A Consciousness”
Chapter 79 “He Wanted To Protect Her”
Chapter 78 “He Is The Phoenix Lord?”
Chapter 77 “Ye Ling Yue, You Country Bumpkin”
Chapter 76 “The Magical Use Of Her Dimensional Space: Genetic Manipulation”
Chapter 75 “I Swear To Get Revenge”
Chapter 74 “What A Despicable Father”
Chapter 73 “A Unified Autumn Maple Town”
Chapter 72 “Return Of The Strong And Fierce Mother”
Chapter 71 “The Great Crisis Of The Ye Family”
Chapter 70 “So What If I'm Scamming You”
Chapter 69 “Teaching The Bad One A Lesson”
Chapter 68 “The Shade Is Always Better Under A Big Tree”
Chapter 67 “Trouble On The Road”
Chapter 66 “Dinner Banquet”
Chapter 65 “Special Treatment Methods”
Chapter 64 “Guest In The Ye Household”
Chapter 63 “The Governor's Manor”
Chapter 62 “Dragon Saliva Needle”
Chapter 61 “Paper Crane Love Letter”
Chapter 60 “Who's Exactly The Villain Again?”
Chapter 59 “Been Followed”
Chapter 58 “Dragon Saliva Metal”
Chapter 57 “Blue Patterned Xuan Yin Dan Pill”
Chapter 56 “Treasure Assembly Hall”
Chapter 55 “Alchemist Association”
Chapter 54 “Bizarre Illness”
Chapter 53 “Unique Poison”
Chapter 52 “North Qing's Phoenix House”
Chapter 51 “Drowning Boy (Lower)
Chapter 50 “Drowning Boy” (Upper)
Chapter 49 “Small Success In Alchemy”'
Chapter 48 “Discovering A Jade Vein”
Chapter 47 “Ant Poison, Save People”
Chapter 46 “The Wasp's Tail Has A Poisonous Needle, But The Most Poisonous Needle Remains With Ye Ling Yue”
Chapter 45 “Sixty Percent Yuan Iron”
Chapter 44 “The Disaster Originating From The Ice Freezing Grass”
Chapter 43 “The Strange Rock Inside The Treasury”
Chapter 42 “The Wonderful Use Of The Dimensional Space”
Chapter 41 “Healing Mother”
Chapter 40 “Giant Comeback”
Chapter 39 “Forced Kiss” (Lower)
Chapter 38 “Forced Kiss” (Upper)
Chapter 37 “The Ultimate Evildoer”
Chapter 36 “Escape From The Eagle's Grasp”
Chapter 35 “Man In Black”
Chapter 34 “Showcasing Everyone's Skill”
Chapter 33 “Courageous Ling Yue”
Chapter 32 “Hunting Up At The Mountain”
Chapter 31 “Flying Dagger”
Chapter 30 “Panic In The Birthday Feast”
Chapter 29 “A Very Cheeky Birthday Party”
Chapter 28 “Man In The Ghost Mask”
Chapter 27 “Variation Of The Cauldron Smoke”
Chapter 26 “A Great Merit”
Chapter 25 “Seeing Through The Scam”
Chapter 24 “Family Business”
Chapter 23 “Fifth Grade Medicinal Pill”
Chapter 22 “Jade Flower Hand”
Chapter 21 “Third Person In History”
Chapter 20 “New Family Member”
Chapter 19 “Refining The Spirit Jade”
Chapter 18 “Top Three”
Chapter 17 “Mother And Daughter Of One Heart”
Chapter 16 “To Amaze The World With A Single Brilliant Feat”
Chapter 15 “Dual Wield, Poison And Medicine”
Chapter 14 “Dimensional Space Upgrade”
Chapter 13 “Hundred Fruit Wine”
Chapter 12 “Gather Herb, Meet A Wild Beast”
Chapter 11 “Cute Little Gluttonous Fox”
Chapter 10 “Spirit Contract With A Spirit Beast”
Chapter 9 “The Cute Little Pet In The Dimensional Space”
Chapter 8 “Basic Martial Techniques”
Chapter 7 “Sale Of The Spirit Grass”
Chapter 6 “Entering The Martial Hall”
Chapter 5 “Confrontation At The Ancestral Hall”
Chapter 4 “Miraculous Space”
Chapter 3 “Protective Mother”
Chapter 2 “Mysterious Black Cauldron”
Chapter 1 “The Rebirth Of The Retarded Girl”