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Chapter 540 - 540: I Can’t Find Her...

Yun Ruowei's appearance was the same as it was in the past. Wearing plain green robes, she had bright and sparkling eyes like clear spring and had a soft and tender smile.

Her feet were bare. She wore a bracelet around her wrist which had a hanging silver bell. Whenever a gentle breeze blew, it would give out a sweet-sounding ring.

"Are you willing to help me look for the jade? What I'm looking for is a Blue Bridge Jade Pendant. It's something that belongs to my elder sister... The true reason why I'm looking for it is because I want to find my elder sister... I know that she isn't dead. I just know it..." When she heard that Ning Fan was willing to lend her a hand, Yun Ruowei no longer hid her thoughts from him. Instead, she put on a hopeful look.

She was merely a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator while Ning Fan was a Void Refinement Realm expert who had powerful capabilities. With his help, it would be much easier to find the jade pendant.

"Is your elder sister the little winged demon whom I saw in your dream last time?" Ning Fan asked.

"Yes…" Yun Ruowei hesitated for a while and decided to tell the truth.

"I remember that her name is Ning Qian..."


"She and Yun Tianjue are..."

"The two of them... are Dao Companions... My elder sister went missing one thousand years ago. Yun Tianjue forgot his emotions at around the same time... Before my elder sister disappeared, she gave birth to a child for Yun Tianjue. It was a premature birth... No one knew what happened after that and my elder sister vanished with her child within a single night... After quite some time, that child's life plate broke. He should have already died. As for my elder sister's life plate, it turned grey and dim. Even though she isn't dead, she should have fallen into a quagmire... She should not be dead yet. However, I couldn't find her even after painstakingly searching for her for a thousand years. Where exactly is she...? What exactly happened in the past...? Yun Tianjue did not protect my elder sister nor his own child. However, what's worse about him is that he has completely forgotten my elder sister after she went missing and he couldn't even remember who Ning Qian was already... He really is a heartless and cruel person!"

Yun Ruowei no longer concealed anything from Ning Fan. She even told him some secrets through telepathy. Her eyes were filled with sadness and anger.

She hated Yun Tianjue's coldheartedness. That was why she was unwilling to continue staying in the Rain Palace and decided to join the Southeastern Cultivator Union.

She could not bear to harm Ning Fan in the past because his smile shared a striking resemblance with her elder sister's and thus, sympathy took over her...

"..." Ning Fan went silent. His heart, however, was not quiet. Was he the deceased child of Ning Qian and Yun Tianjue...?

Yun Tianjue had forgotten his emotions for one thousand yea

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