veronicapurcell3 To My Sunflower
Hinata is waiting for Eiji to come home from fighting in a war that has now ended.
Xuyi Rebirth: Lord
At a time when Vrmmorpg 's became a norm and the competition between gaming companies was at a point that there seemed to be no way forward any more. A new gaming company (Zion) somehow pulled other companies under their banner to make the biggest, most immersive game together.A game where everything was possible, You could become a General in the army of an Empire or you could live...
Lee_Ae_Ra Songs In Story Form
Making short stories out of BTS songs and ects.
Qidian Mohist Tang
A contemporary otaku traveled to the body of a Moh family in the early Tang Dynasty, like a drop of ink dripping in a cup, and soon the entire Tang Dynasty was rendered black.