lqing Panic For 10000 Years
Therefore, according to legend: Demons can change into adults, hide in the crowd, and choose people to eat. “I have drunk the wind, swallowed the sand, and wandered under the clouds.” Dian Wei swallowed the gluttonous food, he became stronger again, and he lifted the billion catties of Meteor Chain Hammer in his hand, his eyes calm and distant.
Eoss0711 Nightingale's Wish Came True
3 years after the 3rd Battle of the Divine Will, Roland is now the President of Neverwinter. One day, he accidentally has a one night stand with Nightingale Nightingale is my favourite character because she is both fierce and sweet, sexy but innocent. The novel displays more of her sweet and innocent vibe when it comes to her crush with Roland but fierce and sexy in battle. I want to bring her...
ImaGoing Sovereign of Space
In the ancient times, many people witness people who creates something out of nothing. Some people might worship them as their savior but there are also some who were called witch for possessing these power. These people gathers together to create an ideal land which accepts them thus creating the biggest haven of magic users which is the Bermuda empire. // I will publish when I have free...
bloodyboy Conquer Or Die
(cover by sleepwrite) As per the will of eight of the nine Great Gods--------- All eligible races will be given "a chance" to overcome all other races and rise above all. All races will be given two options- Forfeit or compete Forfeiting races will be erased. Competing races will be given the power to compete further. A chance or a death sentence? -Pretty sure...


Dear Commander-in-Chief
Upon being reborn, she immediately offends a vicious two-faced bigwig. He seizes her back home and insists on pampering her… “Master Jue, a despicable man came to find Madam. He wants to reconcile with her.” “Bury him alive.” “Master Jue, Madam took first place in a major competition at the University of Medicine. A rotten woman got jealous and slapped Madam.” “Slap that dirty woman’s face before sending her off to be tormented in a living hell.” “Master Jue, Madam… Madam escaped!” A certain man’s gaze sinks dangerously. He has spoiled her to such an extent, yet she is still trying to run away? Has it ever crossed her mind that it’s impossible for her to run away from him?


Star Odyssey
Join Lu Yin on an epic journey across the Universe, pursuing the truth and tragedy of his past. This is a world of science fantasy where the older generations step back and allow the young to take charge of affairs. Heart-wrenching separations, terrifying situations, all with comic relief that will leave you coming back for more. This is a world where the other characters actually matter, and are revisited frequently as their own lives unfold. Dotting Lu Yin’s path are monumental feats of kingdom-building and treacherous political situations where he must tread carefully if he wants to get to the truth of his history.

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